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Smart Guard

Using facial recognition for elderly care and VIP service

Reliable non-intrusive solution leveraging facial recognition

Monitor access points with advanced facial recognition technology integrated with CCTV system to control entry and exit points in a non-intrusive yet reliable .

Facial recognition technology makes use of algorithms based on facial features, personal traits and behaviour to identify a person through live or recorded images. No detachable wearable devices will be required in the identification process, thus eliminating the risk of failing to make an identification when a tracking device is removed.

Guardforce has adapted the technology to introduce Smart Guard.

Guardforce is the first in Hong Kong to apply the solution in elderly care facilities to monitor exits and prevent elderly residents from wandering off the facility unguarded. When the anti-wandering system detects the face of a resident near an exit monitored by the facility’s CCTV system, an alert will be sent to the caregiver. It is a cost-effective means for exit monitoring that also helps to alleviate the workload and psychological burden on caregivers.

Such systems overlaid with facial recognition technology and analytic functions can help provide other forms of non-intrusive strategic surveillance or identification of customers and VIPs.

The solution has significant potential in enhancing customer service for service-oriented organisations. It can be used to identify VIPs, so that customer service staff can access service history with the VIP and provide instant targeted and personalised service accordingly.

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