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The 3rd International Security Officers’ Day Successfully Concluded - Guardforce

Once again, we had a meaningful celebration of the International Security Officers’ Day (ISO Day), first initiated by our chairman George Chin three years ago. Our offices in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand and SecureCorp from Australia celebrated the day together. Small gifts were distributed to all staff on the day as a token of appreciation for their contributions.

It is encouraging to see that the ISO day idea of honouring the 24/7 dedication of security officers has inspired similar activities in the region – the Beijing Government  and Public Security, and China Security Association also launched their first “Security personnel Festival” on July 24, while the Hong Kong security industry celebrated the Hong Kong security Personnel day for the second year, with more support from vendors and associates.

Other than celebrating the day with our teams, we also issued a press release and promoted the occasion through online platforms to generate public awareness and encourage the general public to show their appreciation to security officers for their contributions to securing our world.

To all our teams, we wish to state one more time: We thank you for your commitment!

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