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Guardforce To Be A Speaker In The Virtual 2nd Annual Facial Recognition Summit

2nd Annual Facial Recognition Summit | Antiwandering - Guardforce | 9 Apr 2021Guardforce is honored to be invited to speak at the virtual 2nd Annual Facial Recognition Summit organized by Truevent US, originally planned to hosted in Singapore. Steven Leung, Assistant General Manager of Business Strategy and Transformation, Guardforce Group, shared insights on “Facial Recognition for Security – Creative Application of Technology for the Social Good”. The three takeaways of his sharing were,

1) Creative application of technology matters,

2) Opportunities are created through attention to the needs around us;

3) Attention to minute details such as privacy concerns is important.

Being a responsible corporation, serving the underserved helps us to contribute to the community and makes our world better.

2nd Annual Facial Recognition Summit | opening - Guardforce | 9 Apr 2021

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