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Guardforce Recognised As A Social Capital Builder - Guardforce


Guardforce has been awarded the Social Capital Builder (SCB) Award – logo Awards from the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund (CIIF) of the Labour and Welfare Bureau, to recognise the company’s contribution to the development of social capital in Hong Kong.

Guardforce has introduced corporate and labour policies that facilitate the development of social capital in Hong Kong in several dimensions, including social networks, social participation, information and communication, trust and solidarity, mutual help and reciprocity, as well as social cohesion and inclusion. For example, Guardforce has established a corporate volunteer team (V-team), postponed retirement age to 65, and provided fair and equal job opportunities to applicants of any races, etc.

Having served Hong Kong for 41 years, Guardforce is committed to fostering the development of social capital to the community with our CSR initiatives.

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