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Guardforce Wins Gold in Security Services Best Training Awards - Guardforce

Security Services Training Gold Awards for type I & II license

Guardforce is honoured to be awarded two Gold Awards in the Security Services Training Awards. The award programme is jointly organised by the Vocational Training Council and the Crime Prevention Bureau of the Hong Kong Police Force.

Guardforce has won Gold in the categories of provision of security guarding service and provision of armoured transportation services.

The Best Training Awards program is designed to promote training initiatives and recognise security companies that consistently offer security services related training to their employees to enhance their professional competence to meet the challenging needs of Hong Kong. Awardees were evaluated based on their commitment to providing training to security personnel and the participation rate of management-level staff in the training.

Guardforce is dedicated to providing quality security services to our customers. At the same time, the company offers employees a range of training programmes to reinforce their skills and enhance job safety awareness. The company’s management actively supports all training programmes to deliver benefits for employees, customers and the company. The awards are great recognition of our effort.

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