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Guardforce’s Robots Showcased At Our Smart City Journey Conference - Guardforce

Our Smart City Journey Conference 2019

Guardforce is invited to present its robotic solutions in the “Smart@Hong Kong – Our Smart City Journey Conference”, jointly organised by HKPC and HKSTP on 10 Jan 2019. Our Patrol Robot and Concierge Robot will be demonstrated during the conference. The Patrol Robot that could operate along preset patrol routes to keep order for the event, while the Concierge Robot could greet guests and interact with them as an event ambassador.

During the conference, leaders and experts in the industry will share their smart city insights and vision from four perspectives – smart living, smart people, smart environment and smart mobility.

A public section would also be arranged on 15 Jan, 2019, to promote smart city concepts and technologies to the community.

Our Smart City Journey Conference Opening


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