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ISO Day is 5 years Old! Let’s celebrate with us!

This year is the 5th Anniversary of International Security Officers' Day (ISO Day), we hope that more and more citizens and companies could join us to celebrate the day.

International Security Officers’ Day reminded us of the contribution and dedication of the security officers.

In addition to the routine work, the security officers have to perform extra health control measures to ensure public health safety when the world is battling Covid-19.

The ISO Day is a good opportunity to acknowledge their contributions and show your appreciation. On that day, please do show the security officers around you that their work is treasured, by simply saying thank you, or giving them an appreciation card or any other form of acknowledgment.

Visit us on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube to “like” and “share” messages and encourage more people to recognise the contributions of security officers.

Let’s join us to celebrate the day by online and offline! Thank you in advance for your support.

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