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Show Your Appreciation To Your Security Officers On 24th July 2019 - Guardforce

Guardforce will lead Hong Kong’s celebration of the third International Security Officers Day (ISO Day) on 24th July this year!

The special occasion was initiated by Guardforce Chairman George Chin three years ago. It is intended to encourage everyone to show appreciation and respect to all securities officers who tirelessly stay at their posts, day and night, to keep our homes and our workplaces safe.

We are very pleased to see that more of our customers and various security industry associations and regulatory bodies are joining in to mark ISO Day with special thank-you gestures for security officers.

We welcome you to show that you care in your own way on the upcoming ISO Day – with a simple thank you, an appreciation card or any form of acknowledgement.

You can also join us on our social media channels to spread the message.

Visit us on facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube to “like” and “share”, and encourage more people to show appreciation to the security guards around us.

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