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Guardforce interviewed by capital magazine

Mr Thomas Ng, Managing Director of Guardforce Limited, was interviewed by Capital Magazine to share his expertise and insight on securing networks from cyber-attacks. The feature story was published in the September issue of the magazine.
Cyber threats are growing in recent year. Hacker attacks are no longer limited to individual computers or emails. Any IoT devices connected to networked systems are vulnerable to such attacks. Most companies use only standard firewall software or rely on their own IT support, which is not sufficient as hacker attacks could happen anytime without warning. Therefore, enterprises must strengthen their network security to prevent such attacks. However, many enterprises in Hong Kong, especially SMEs, do not have comprehensive cyber security protection measures in place.
Guardforce Real-time Insured Defence (GRID), a complete cyber security solution, has been launched with the purpose of providing all-round protection, from the physical to the virtual level. Leveraging Guardforce’s security professional expertise and capabilities, we have partnered with the award-winning network security managed service provider, Network Box, to provide companies with a sophisticated Unified Threat Management (UTM) and 24x7 network monitoring and management services to create a first line of defence for customers. To perfect the offer, the solution also includes a cyber crisis expenses insurance, provided in association with Berkley Insurance Asia. The insurance covers the expenses for reputation management and crisis management should a cyber incident occur.

In closing, Thomas Ng emphasised that cyber security is an endless battle and corporate management should not overlook internal defence. He suggested staff should be educated and made aware of the importance of cyber security to ensure total protection at all times.
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Captial magazine 2018 Sep - GRID

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