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Guardforce’s robotic insights featured in Inside Retail - Guardforce

In an informative article on “Retailing with robots” featured in the January issue of Inside Retail magazine, Guardforce has shared views on the important role of robots in retail, starting with customer service.

Guardforce has stated that robots can act as a customer services representative to help with answering standard customer enquiries, directories, downloading and printing shopping coupons, guiding customers by walking with them and playing interactive, multi-media advertising tools. Robots can also help collect, process and analyse visitors’ data and respond to data by displaying the appropriate information. For example, when a customer approaches the robot, it can automatically capture and analyse information such as gender, age and ethnicity. 

Besides customer services functions, robots can be used to do night patrolling, respond to heat, noise, sound, and gas alerts and detect the presence of intruders. The robots can also record real-time images and transmit them to control room. Guardforce believes that the use of cognitive learning, the next step in creating artificially intelligent robots, will expand their functions and capabilities. 
The article also stated that robotics solutions will be a key initiative in 2017 for Guardforce.

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