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Guardforce Presents Hong Kong's First Innovative Tri-Guard Safe Deposit Solution - Guardforce

Tri-guard Safe Deposit Box

In Hong Kong, there is simply not enough safe deposit boxes in banks to meet people’s rising need for secure storage for personal valuables. Prospective users may have to stay in waiting lists for years before a safe deposit box becomes available.

To meet this growing demand, Guardforce has introduced an innovative fully automatic safe deposit solution, Tri-guard.

Guardforce applies its proven expertise in designing vault infrastructure for banks to design a secure storage solution for individuals. It is the first-ever fully automated personal safe deposit box system in Hong Kong.

Three levels of security to keep personal valuables safe

Tri-guard is named for having three layers of security features, including high-tech dual access and biometric identity verification for customers, a private room for accessing safe deposit box and an insurance coverage of HK$100,000 to add extra protection.

The Tri-guard safe deposit box system is installed in Guardforce’s UL-rated vault, meeting the well-regarded global certification standard for high-security vaults. The vault is air-conditioned and fire-proof, ensuring valuables are kept in a controlled and professionally secured environment.

When customers need to access their box, their safe deposit box is identified by the smart system and then autonomously transferred to a private room for customers to open in total privacy.

Flexible services offered within long service hours

The Tri-guard service centre located on the first floor of Guardforce Centre is easily accessible from the Whampoa MTR station.

The opening hours are longer than regular office hours or bank hours, from 7am to 11pm daily, making it easier for customers to make use of the boxes during the day. Two sizes of boxes are available to meet different storage needs.

To see how it works, check out the below video:

For more on Tri-guard Safe Deposit Box, visit, or contact Guardforce at tel: 2784 3777, email:

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