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VirusGuard Robots Were Adopted By Harriman Property Management

VirusGuard robots were adopted by Harriman Property Management

Our VirusGuard robots were adopted by Harriman Property Management for use in the commercial buildings under the group and news was reported by media on 25 March 2021.  Commercial Buildings are at high risks for virus spread and an effective disinfection solution is essential to ensure public health safety. 

The robots sanitised the floor surfaces and air using disinfectant proven safe for humans. They are equipped with auto-mapping of disinfection areas and automatic operation on pre-set routes and schedules as well as auto-return to base for recharging. The whole process is conducted without exposing human workers to health risks.

Guardforce’s ViruGuard leveraging cutting-edge technology to form an effective first line of public health defence during the pandemic, keeping frontline workers safe and reducing their workload while ensuring a high standard of public hygiene.

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