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3 Key Reasons You Should Keep Your Valuables In A Safe Deposit Box

3 Key Reasons You Should Keep Your Valuables In A Safe Deposit Box | Guardforce Blogs

Many people think securing their valuable and important items is about hiding them in “secret places” around the house. Favourite spots include kitchen cupboards and shoe boxes under the bed or behind clothes in the wardrobe. As well as being well known hiding spots which burglars target immediately, these places offer no protection in the event of a fire or flood. This is why many people are opting for a much more secure method – a safe deposit box. Safe boxes offer all-round protection from theft, fire and flood and safe box rental is more reasonable than you might think, especially considering the value or irreplaceable nature of the contents. In this post, we will look at 3 key reasons you should keep your valuables in a safe deposit box.

1) Safe deposit boxes offer all-round protection

The reason safe boxes are becoming so popular (and therefore hard to find availability in Hong Kong) is because burglars are no longer interested in stealing large items. Instead, favourite targets are smaller and much more valuable items such as passports, driving licences, credit cards, bank statements, jewellery, small electronic devices and cash.

Without a home safe, which is secured to the floor or wall, these items are rich pickings for potential thieves. Not only that, they are also easily destroyed or damaged in fires or floods. Luckily, given their small size, these items are well-suited to safe box storage. Having the valuables out of your house and in a secure box will give you peace of mind that they can’t be stolen or affected by fire or flood.

2) Safe deposit boxes keep items private

 Some items are dear and memorable to you or perhaps, if seen by others, may cause unnecessary trouble. Safe boxes are a great place to keep more sensitive items such as divorce papers, photos, life insurance policies, etc. private.

3) Safe deposit boxes save space 

As mentioned above, the one way to secure valuables properly in your home is in a safe which is attached to the floor or wall. But who really wants an ugly safe taking up space in their house? Especially in Hong Kong where every square foot is precious! Again, safe boxes allow to you securely store your valuable and important items without disturbing your home environment.

At this point, you may be thinking, of course safe boxes are a more secure method of protecting my valuables, but aren’t safe boxes in Hong Kong inconvenient and hard to come by?

Well, not with Guardforce’s Tri-Guard Safe Deposit Box and Guardforce’s Mobile Safe Service. These solutions not only brings you all the security benefits of a safe box, but are also easily accessible. For Tri-Guard Safe Deposit Box, you can walk in to the service centre and access your box any day of the year during the long service hours, from 7am to 11pm daily. Box retrieval from the bank-standard, fire-proof vault is automated and customers are given a private room to open their boxes completely alone. For the Mobile Safe Service, it is even operates 24 hours and provide door-to-door service to deliver the utmost convenience! And the best news is, boxes are available right now so no need to sit on any bank waiting list!

Learn more about Guardforce Hong Kong’s Tri-Guard Safe Deposit Box and Mobile Safe Service

Guardforce is an expert security solution provider in Hong Kong and offers peace of mind with its secure, smart and private personal valuable storage. To learn more about the system features and safe box rental plans, contact our friendly team today.

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