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Securing your business premises is essential for protecting your valuable physical assets. Depending on the business nature, your premises could be housing computers, confidential documents and data, cash, inventory and so on. Effective security systems can help to reduce insurance premiums and give you peace of mind.

Guardforce Hong Kong is committed to helping businesses both small and big keep their assets safe, so in this article, we will cover 5 effective steps you should take to protect your premises from theft or damage.

Step 1: Use an alarm system

Alarm systems serve as the first line of defense against burglary. Monitored alarm systems notify a monitoring station which can alert the police of intruders. The most advanced security alarm systems operate through Wi-Fi and utilise the cloud so that alerts can be monitored via mobile devices thereby reducing the extra work generated by false alarms. You should ensure any alarm system is installed by experienced professionals, is serviced regularly, and you should also have signs in prominent places warning potential intruders of its presence.

Step 2: Use electronic access control systems

Traditional locks and keys have a whole host of potential security threats connected to them, such as key loss, forgetting to lock up, etc. Instead, you should consider installing a reliable electronic access control system to restrict access to your premises, especially those highly sensitive areas. Guardforce Hong Kong, for instance, supplies advanced access control systems which use the latest technology such as biometric verification.

Step 3: Install CCTV

CCTV surveillance systems are a significant deterrent factor. Knowing where cameras should be placed is a skilled task and, as with alarm systems, it is important to have CCTV installed by experienced professionals. They may also be able to guide you on the types of camera best suited to achieve the optimal results for the monitored environment.

Step 4: Utilise intelligent technology

Security experts, such as Guardforce Hong Kong, can help you integrate intelligent technology with surveillance cameras, network video recorders (NVR) and access control. Facial recognition technology uses an algorithm of human faces to help identify targets quickly and a pre-alert can be sent to the watcher. Access rights can also be granted accordingly to the set target. Video analytics, utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, take account of changes in the environment and are ideal for perimeter security.

Step 5: Perform regular service and maintenance

Finally, service and maintenance are essential for any security system to ensure it is functioning at the optimal level. Checks should be performed regularly by trained and experienced professionals. These professionals will also be able to offer you advice on whether you are using the most up-to-date systems and may guide you towards more effective measures.

Whatever measures you take, just ensure when choosing electronic security services in Hong Kong that you are using reputable and experienced companies, such as Guardforce Hong Kong, to make sure you are keeping your premises safe and secure.

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