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Cash Deposit Machines – Focus and FunctionsCash deposit machines (or cash collection machines) are perfect for businesses dealing with large amounts of cash in their operation. They serve to mitigate the risks involved and greatly improve the efficiency of managing that cash. In today’s post, Cash Deposit Machines – Focus and Functions, we will look at how Guardforce’s cash deposit machines work and how they fit into a one-stop cash management solution. You can also see our post on How Cash Deposit Machines Can Benefit Retailers to learn more about the advantages they offer.

How do Guardforce’s cash deposit machines work?

Guardforce’s smart cash deposit machines are very easy to use. Users simply login with a personal passcode via the touchscreen interface and then deposit cash into the machine.

The machine then automatically identifies the currency and denomination of each bank note, and also detects and rejects any counterfeit notes. It processes up to 600 notes can be counted in 60 seconds.

Once all the cash has been counted, the machine will display the amount on the screen with breakdown and provide a printed receipt.

This process not only reduces the risks of manually counting cash but also saves staff a great deal of time. See Guardforce’s cash deposit machine in action in the following video:

Cash management through the cloud

Guardforce’s cash deposit machines are linked to a cloud platform, allowing authorised staff to access cash in data in real time through a PC or mobile device – a feature businesses with multiple branches find especially useful.

How secure is the cash deposited?

On top of the passcode login, the cash deposit machine also has a number of other security features. It is built as a fortified safe with an e-lock system and the whole process can be recorded and monitored if equipped with CCTV and the machine is protected via other anti-theft measures such as alarm system, and the cash inside is kept in auto-sealing bags as it awaits collection.

Flexibility in design and cost

Guardforce understands that different businesses have different needs, which is why there are a variety of models to choose from with different sizes and functions.

The machines can also be either purchased or rented, adding an extra layer of flexibility.

Cash collection service

Professional Guardforce cash-in-transit crew will collect the sealed bag in the machine for counting and verification at a secure facility. The cash will then be deposited into the client’s bank account within 24 hours upon received of the cash.

This cash-in-transit service lowers the risks involved in transporting large sums of cash to the bank and the time wasted doing so.

Additional services providing peace of mind

Guardforce provides 24-hour support through its customer service hotline, and regular maintenance of the machines is carried out to ensure reliability.

Are cash deposit machines only for retailers in Hong Kong?

Although cash deposit machines are very popular with retailers due to their high cash income, many other industries, such as catering, healthcare, insurance and finance and many more, also enjoy their benefits.

Guardforce’s cash deposit machines and cash collection services are available in Hong Kong, Macau and Thailand.

Experience Guardforce’s retail solutions at the Retail Asia Expo

Retail Asia Expo

Guardforce’s smart cash deposit machine and retail analytics solutions will be showcased at the Retail Asia Expo at Booth #L05. The show will be held on 12-14 June, 2018 at HKCEC and promises to be a very worthwhile event for retailers to attend.

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