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Facial Recognition

It seems everyone is thinking of facial recognition these days. And it certainly has a multitude of uses. Security is the obvious one. As facial recognition is the most non-intrusive among all verification technology, it means that Facial Recognition can secure anything that can be linked to a camera and some software: bank accounts, phones, homes, safety deposit boxes, offices, computers, even getting through airport security at a glance.

Facial recognition on phones and at airports

Apple is well known for their Face ID technology. And facial recognition is already well established on PCs, laptops and other devices. Tests are also being done at airports. This will be a real boon especially for frequent travellers who should eventually just be able to arrive at the airport and simply walk without stopping to their plane, with their identity being verified through Facial Recognition as they go.

Tagging yourself on Facebook

Facial Recognition is not just about security. Facebook, for example is now using facial recognition, so you can tell who is in a photograph and even tag yourself to find pictures in which you appear.

Building your business with CCTV

Surveillance cameras can use facial recognition for all sorts of things. For example, the camera can spot people even in moving crowds and direct security to where they are. Or the technology can allow entry into secure facilities without delay, or keep an electronic eye out for missing persons, or people who may be sick or need help. Guardforce, for example, has an anti-wandering product to help protect the elderly.

Learn more about the benefits of installing Smart Guard Anti-Wandering Solution in Your Elderly Care Home

Businesses can spot VIPs as they approach their office, hotel or store. And retailers can track customers and check their behaviour to develop better marketing and store layouts.

Ensuring facial recognition is secure

There’s no doubt that Facial Recognition is popular, and can be hugely convenient. But is it safe? Cyber Security will always remain a risk. For example, Facial Recognition software has already had to learn to determine the difference between a real face and a video image of the same face.

With Cyber Security you have to be on your toes constantly. Because as soon as one risk is overcome another will appear.  To deal with this, Guardforce developed GRID a Real-time 3-in-1 Unified Threat Management solution and management service, with first-in-the-market cyber crisis management expenses protection. It covers all networked corporate assets that have an IP address – from security cameras, to access control systems and surveillance systems.

Because when it comes to saving face, you can never be careful enough.

Learn how the Guardforce Real-time Insured Defence (GRID) can protect businesses from cyber-threats.


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