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Tri-guard Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes are ideal places to protect treasured items, jewellery, personal papers and vital documents from fire, flood, and theft.  In the event of a crisis, family members and legal advisors also know where to find your important papers.

Long waiting time for inconvenient bank safety boxes 

In the past, most people relied on banks who provided safe deposit boxes for rent. But in recent years, banks have been reducing this service, or at least not expanding it. Nowadays you can wait for 3-4 years to get a safe deposit box at a bank. And even if you finally get one, you may only be able to access your personal vault during banking hours which may not be convenient at all. 

Hong Kong’s first user-friendly automated safe deposit box   

Guardforce has not only stepped up to address this situation with store-friendly, highly secure safe boxes, but gone beyond the traditional notion of a safe deposit box service by launching Hong Kong’s first robotic safe deposit box solution, an innovative and fully automated personal safety deposit box service with many benefits.

Five clear advantages

1. Long opening hours (Mon-Sun 7am-11pm)

Unlike most bank safe deposit boxes, you can access your private box on any day you like. This is a critical factor if, for example, you need to access papers in urgent need.

2. Conveniently located, near Whampoa MTR station

Given the high rents in Hong Kong, many safety boxes may be in inconvenient locations, which adds to the stress of the limited access times. However, Guardforce has located its safe facility close to the MTR station at Whampoa for maximum convenience and easy access, thus making it one of the most convenient safe deposit box solutions in town.

3. Dual access control and biometric identity verification for valuables

Customers can access their personal safety deposit box seven days a week, 16 hours a day, with a fail-safe biometric ID system to ensure safety.

4. Private rooms for accessing your personal safety deposit box

When you access your safety box, you have a private room at your disposal for anything you need to do in complete secrecy. Most banks do not have private rooms for customers.

You have a choice of two sizes of safe deposit boxes: 
245(W) x 240(H) x 500(D)mm   or   245(W) x 120(H) x 500(D) mm

5. Highly secure bank-standard vault with 24-hour air conditioning

Your safe deposit will be housed in a fire-proof, climate controlled vault, so your papers and documents and other items will remain in perfect condition. In the unlikely event of a mishap, you also enjoy $100,000 insurance coverage which is included in the fee.

To learn more about Tri-Guard Safe Deposit Box, please download our brochure, or contact us here to reserve a box.

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