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Guardforce Launches New Website To Enhance Navigation And Interactive Feature

Guardforce Hong Kong is delighted to announce the launch of the company’s revamped website ( The renewed website that went live this month offers more user-friendly navigation and an innovative look and feel to create an appealing and effective communication platform with our customers and the general public.

With rationalised content flow, the revamped website clearly presents our comprehensive and expanding range of services and products to enhance the experience for website visitors.

The website Secure Logistics section details the benefits and attributes of Guardforce’s leading core products and services, including Cash & Valuables-in-Transit, ATM Management, Cash Processing, Coins Processing & Supply, Cash Deposit Machine, Secure Courier as well as our first-in-the-market Guardforce Mobile Safe Service.You can also get acquainted with our one-stop cash processing service, which supports customers throughout the entire cash management process, from offering Smart Cash Deposit Machines in store for retailers, to collecting and depositing cash and account reporting, right down to supplying and counting coins for our clients.

Individual customers can learn about our pioneering Guardforce Mobile Safe Service. Through the premium service, customers can keep their personal valuables in our bank-standard vault, and our security professionals will dispatch the personal safe to the client 24/7, whenever and wherever the client may need to access it.

Always striving to open new frontiers, Guardforce is leveraging electronic security devices such as CCTV, access control and alarm system to enable smart business and smart elderly care.

In the website’s Security Technology section, you can find out how we make use of in-store CCTV systems and Retail Analytics software to help retailers harvest customer behavioral data captured by their own security systems. What’s more, Guardforce produces tailored retail analytics reports to help retailers map out optimal sales strategies, by providing such information as the peak hours of customer traffic, the pathways that customers move around in store, the locations within a store that customers tend to linger, and how different branches compare in all those areas.

Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, our Video Analytics solution designed for perimeter security in industrial sites, critical infrastructure, warehouses and airports, helps monitor changes in the environment to minimise the risk of false alarms. 

Making use of robotics technology, we offer a range of multifunctional and fully automated robots for commercial or home use, serving security, customer service, and home monitoring functions.

Our pioneering Smart Guard anti-wandering solution uses non-intrusive facial recognition technology integrated with CCTV system to monitor exits and prevents elderly residents from wandering off.

In the Career Opportunities section, you will discover a new calendar feature, through which you may check upcoming recruitment activities and follow a simple process to register for the events. In this section, you can also find out how to join Guardforce’s Quality Assurance System (QAS) for the Recognition Scheme of Security Training Courses to gain the basic qualification for joining the security industry and access to our online resources.

Useful resources such as the company’s service updates and announcements, product and services videos and materials, training schedules, and blogs sharing expert advice and security trends will be progressively added to the revamped website.

Guardforce’s upgraded website reflects our commitment of always reaching for new heights and taking the lead in innovating security services and beyond in order to deliver on our motto: “Secure the Present. Innovate the Future”.

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