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Hiring the Best Security Personnel to Ensure a Zero-Risk Event

Whatever event you are planning to hold, security should be a focus during the planning stage, and hiring the best security personnel for your event is essential to ensure it runs smoothly and safely.

What types of event require security?

Events can range widely from private to commercial functions. They may include large-scale weddings or parties, corporate events, commercial exhibitions, all the way up to music concerts and sporting events. All of these occasions should have a suitable level of security in place to ensure the event is not disrupted or unsafe in any way. Security personnel keep a low profile, but they are always visible and on hand to assist should any incident – big or small – occur.

But, how do you ensure you are hiring the best security personnel for your event?

6 steps to ensure you are hiring professional security personnel for your event

1. Background checks

You have to trust the people you have chosen to keep your event safe and secure. Any event security personnel you hire should have undergone rigorous background checks and vetting by the security provider. These checks can even be tailored to match the specific needs of corporate clients in particular industries to ensure guards have the appropriate skills and experience.

2. Training

You are using your budget to hire security personnel, so you should demand well-trained professionals. Ensure whatever event security provider you choose has trained their staff to the highest standards, so they are able to handle any situation that might arise calmly and effectively.

3. Security provider’s reputation

Always look for security providers with a proven track record in event security – after all, you are trusting them to keep people and property safe from harm. A quality and experienced service provider should be able to provide you with a list of events they have been involved with before, and when it comes to budget, don’t be afraid to pay a little more for trusted expertise – a poor security service will end up costing you more than just money in the long run (injury, damage, loss of property and reputation, not to mention the headache).

4. Your reputation

Something you should also consider is that when people see security guards at events, they will consider them to be your staff. Therefore, event security personnel should always maintain the highest levels of professional behaviour and appearance.

5. Value for money

Look for service providers who offer complete solutions for your event. They should offer support for the security planning and have procedures in place for handling all potential incidents. Depending on the type of event, this could include a pre- and post-event risk assessment, security consultation and investigation, crowd management tactics, VIP protection, guard deployment strategies, security systems set up, security equipment supply and operations, such as turnstiles and x-ray machines, and liaison with third parties such as the police force. Choose security providers who are looking to be your partner during the whole event planning and execution process.

6. Professional and caring security personnel

You should ensure the event security personnel you hire have a professional and caring attitude. This is what one of our guards had to say about his experience in event security:

“As a security guard at Guardforce, I have been involved in providing security at many kinds of events – from private functions to large-scale events. I find the work very satisfying as I know I am protecting people from harm, allowing them to enjoy the occasion safely and giving our client peace of mind. I am also always happy to assist anyone who has questions or problems – from giving directions, helping in the event of sudden illness, to dealing with lost property. Although I understand the job involves risk, I am confident that, with my training and the careful planning we undertake before an event, I am able to handle any situation with the utmost professionalism. We may be low-key, but we are always ready to act.”


So, we have seen that event security is essential, and it is very important to choose the best security personnel. If you are planning to hold an event, then contact us to see how we can help. Also, read about Robotics Solutions for event security in our post on How Does Facial Recognition Work With Electronic Security Systems.


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