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How Secure are your Valuables at Home?

Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world, but that doesn’t mean you should tempt fate by keeping large sums of money or prized valuables unsecured in your home. Many people use safety deposit boxes at banks or install a safe in their home to keep cash and valuables secure. These methods, however, have their advantages and disadvantages.

Safety deposit boxes – secure but are in high demand and still pose risks

Though safety deposit boxes at banks are considered a very secure way to keep your valuables safe, they are not very easy to come by in Hong Kong. In fact, if you are looking to apply for a box at a convenient, centrally located bank, you may have to wait years for one to become available. This issue is only likely to worsen in years to come as traditional banking services are replaced by digital solutions.

Not only that, there is the added hassle of having to travel to the bank each time you wish to access your box, and you have to match your schedule around the bank’s opening hours. Travelling with your valuables to and from your box also poses a high security risk.

Home safes – convenient, but you can still be burgled

Home safes do help to solve some of the issues connected with safety deposit boxes – they are always available for purchase, you can access them anytime, and there is no need for you to travel with your valuables.

That said, home burglaries do occur in Hong Kong with just under 2,000 cases reported in 2017, and luxury properties seem to have become a particular target for thieves. Upgrading home electronic security systems, such as installing alarm systems, access control systems and CCTV surveillance, can help to secure your property, but there is another way – don’t keep your cash or valuables at home at all and instead use the award-winning Mobile Safe Service from Guardforce Hong Kong.

Mobile Safe Service – safe, convenient and solves security issues

Guardforce Hong Kong is the first company in Hong Kong to introduce a Mobile Safe Service. This service allows you to keep your cash and valuables in a safety deposit box in Guardforce’s secure, bank-standard vault. Then, whenever you need access to it, you simply call anytime 24/7, and Guardforce’s professional security personnel will deliver your box door-to-door in a secure vehicle to any location specified. You are given time to access your box in private, then when you are finished, the security personnel will return your box safely to Guardforce’s vault.

By using Guardforce’s Mobile Safe Service, you can have peace of mind that your valuables are safe, and you won’t have to suffer any of the issues associated with bank safety deposit boxes or home safes. Learn more here.

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