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How Video Analytics Solutions Enhance Perimeter Security

CCTV surveillance systems have come a long way since the days of having to manually monitor live feeds or spend hours sifting through vast amounts of recorded footage during an investigation. These days, sophisticated video analytics solutions are available which automate the time-consuming yet essential task of securing your business premises.


How a video analytics solution works

A video analytics solution comprises a set of advanced tools which take into account changes in the environment to automatically detect threat events in real time and alert authorised personnel immediately. The solution also allows previously recorded surveillance footage to be searched rapidly. This is all made possible through a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, facial recognition, advanced object tracking, licence plate recognition and other innovative technology.

The solution itself is simple to install, requires no additional hardware and video images are viewable anywhere, anytime via the cloud. It is ideal for enhancing the perimeter security of commercial buildings, industrial sites, shopping malls, warehouses, airports and other critical facilities.


Benefits of a video analytics solution

Enhanced security – The primary purpose of using a video analytics solution is, of course, to enhance perimeter security. By using such a solution, you can rely on the AI to automatically recognise threats based on facial recognition, advanced object tracking and licence plate recognition, and it will alert the authorised personnel immediately.

Decreased human errors – Having AI take over the role of the watcher also decreases the danger of humans overlooking suspicious or criminal behaviour and other risk events.

Reduced false alarms – The sophisticated AI used in a video analytics solution allows for extremely accurate detection of threats, so false alarms are kept to a minimum.

Lowered costs – A video analytics solution saves time and money by removing the need for humans to actively monitor real-time video feeds, and the rapid video search tool drastically reduces the time it takes to examine previously recorded video during an investigation. The solution itself is also extremely cost effective as it enhances the power of an existing CCTV surveillance system at a fraction of the cost of replacing the system as a whole.

Unmatched scalability and flexibility – Up to 200 cameras can run a full set of video analytics, and individual cameras can be assigned to run a specific set of video analytic applications based on the particular area under surveillance.

Improved accessibility – As a video analytics solution is cloud based, video footage can be accessed anywhere, anytime through the Internet. Reports of suspicious activities are also available for subsequent investigation.

Enhanced business insights – On top of security, a video analytics solution can also be used as a powerful business intelligence tool, providing insights into customer activity to drive marketing and merchandising strategies. This includes people counting, dwell and loitering information, queue management, and insights into demographics.


Want to learn more about Guardforce’s Video Analytics Solution?

So, we have seen that video analytics solutions are ideal for enhancing perimeter security, and they offer a great number of benefits. To learn more about how Guardforce Hong Kong’s Video Analytics Solution can help you, download the product information leaflet here. And for more information on how you can secure your business premises, see our post on 5 Effective Steps to Securing Your Business Premises.

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