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Risk-Free Solutions For Safeguarding Premises During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Anti-epidemic Integrated Solutions | Guardforce Hong Kong

As global confirmed COVID-19 cases approach millions causing hundreds and thousands of deaths, it is more important than ever to safeguard areas where people live and work to slow the spread of this invisible killer and protect us when we return to our normal lifestyles. But to do this effectively and without risking security and frontline workers’ health requires innovation in technology. In this post, we will look at some of the risk-free solutions that have been developed to help us not only in this pandemic but in the years to come as the world slowly recovers.

Smart integrated anti-epidemic solutions lead the way in controlling the spread of viruses and removing the risk to frontline workers

New threats to public health require new solutions. At the same time, removing the risk to frontline workers such as cleaners, security staff and health workers is paramount. This is why Guardforce has developed a range of risk-free anti-epidemic solutions to automate the process of monitoring and disinfecting areas where people live and work. The first of these innovations we will look at in more detail is the Smart VirusGuard.

Guardforce Smart VirusGuard

The latest threat we are facing is, of course, COVID-19. According to the World Health Organization, the virus is easily spread among humans through small droplets from an infected person when they cough or exhale. The transmission occurs either when others inhale these droplets or when a person touches an infected surface where the droplets have landed and then touch their nose, eyes or mouth. Staying at least 1 metre from each other is therefore recommended but having a device that can constantly disinfect the air, floors and surfaces would not only be safer but also essential going forward as social distancing measures are relaxed and people return to a relatively normal way of life.

This is exactly what the Guardforce Smart VirusGuard is designed to do.

Guardforce Virusguard | disinfection robot | Guardforce Hong KongThis latest in intelligent robotic cleaning solutions sprays and disinfects premises constantly and consistently without the need for hiring expensive cleaning staff and placing those people in harm’s way. The highly effective aerosolized disinfectant contains chlorine dioxide and phytoncide, which are certified safe for humans in lab tests.

The device navigates using auto-pilot with auto-mapping and smart anti-collision technology. It also auto-pilots into elevators for multi-floor disinfecting and once the long battery charge is low, the device auto-returns to its base for recharging. The disinfecting schedule is programmed through the easy-to-use, password protected, 10-inch colour display touchscreen so disinfecting can be carried out as often as needed.

By using the Guardforce Smart VirusGuard, you can rid your premises of pathogens and keep your customers, staff and residents safe at a fraction of the cost of hiring cleaning staff.

Guardforce Smart ConcieGuard and Smart FeverCheck Access Control

As well as disinfecting, monitoring is also important to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases which cause a fever. As such Guardforce, has also developed a fully-automated device which combines visitor management, concierge, customer service, access control (including card and QR code scanners), surveillance and body temperature measuring functions. Named the Smart ConcieGuard, the device, with its large colour display screens, is perfectly suited to entrances with high footfall such as offices, hospitals, shopping centers, educational campuses, daycare centres, airports and other transport hubs. As well as the concierge functions, the Smart ConcieGuard uses a non-intrusive thermal imaging camera to detect the body temperatures of people entering the premises and alerts the relevant staff if the subject’s temperature is beyond the pre-set range. Using facial recognition, suspected virus carriers can easily be identified and quarantined. By automating this process, the risk to staff is reduced, there is less risk of errors, and it is less intrusive for visitors.

Smart ConcieGuard | Guest Management | Guardforce Hong KongAnother anti-epidemic innovation developed by Guardforce is the Smart FeverCheck Access Control. As well as securing access points, this device also combines facial recognition with temperature checking technology to detect the body temperatures of all staff and visitors as they pass through, whether they are wearing a mask or not. The technology keeps a record of all registered persons entering and leaving the premises including their body temperatures for easy tracking.

Smart FeverCheck Access Control  | Guardforce Hong KongLearn more about Guardforce’s risk-free anti-epidemic solutions

Guardforce adheres to the principle of “using technology to secure lives and properties”. With this new generation of contactless anti-epidemic solutions, the company hopes to help stop the spread of the virus now and for years to come. See all of Guardforce’s risk-free anti-epidemic solutions in action in the following video:

Contact Guardforce here to see how these solutions can help protect your premises from both the current and future epidemics.

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