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Robotics Serve As First Line Of Defence Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Fever-Guard | temperture checking - Guardforce Hong Kong

According to a recent article in the South China Morning Post, the outbreak of the new respiratory disease coronavirus (COVID-19) will change the way we work, live, shop and travel for years to come. Technology will be relied upon even more as employers encourage more working from home and online shopping becomes even more popular. General public hygiene will also be under the spotlight with councils and governments reassessing their public hygiene standards and practices. One of those practices – temperature checks at boarders and other locations – will likely become commonplace in many areas of the world. But not only does this precaution require manpower, it also puts those screening staff at a greater risk of infection. Innovations in robotics reduce the reliance on human beings to perform this and many other tasks, reducing risk and human error and increasing efficiency and effectiveness. In this post, we take a closer look at Guardforce’s latest development in robotic security – the Concieguard – which, among other things, serves as a first line of defence against COVID-19 and other potential outbreaks.

What is the Guardforce Concieguard?

T1 | Fever Guard Robot | Temperature Checking - Guardforce Hong KongThe Concieguard is a compact, standalone IoT unit designed to automate detection and protection at entry points in various locations such as airports, hotels, hospitals, campuses, apartment blocks, offices, factories and government facilities. It can be either installed as a permanent day-to-day security feature or, as it needs only Wi-Fi access, a standard plug socket and weighs just 45kg, it is easily deployed ad-hoc when and where necessary.

While user-friendly and fun to interact with, it also performs essential security tasks in a less intrusive way using a variety of high-tech features. Once a subject enters the detection range, the temperature is measured contactless, and the subject is identified through facial recognition or a snapshot is taken using a high-resolution 4 mega pixel camera. The device stores the information to the cloud so the data can be analyzed if needed and allows access. If an abnormal temperature is recorded or the ID result is unfavourable, a voice and light alert is triggered.

Features and benefits of the CONCIEGUARD

  • Advanced optical thermal imaging system – multi-target AI eye and facial temperature modules monitor and detect the temperature of visitors to preset limits without contact. Accurate to within 0.3°C-0.5°C and with a range of 0.5-1m.
  • Facial recognition – advanced multi-target facial recognition and in-built intelligent access control and management system ensures high levels of security and provides alerts and data analytics. Allows for useful features such as VIP reception, employee management, visitor management, ID verification and black listing.
  • Video surveillance – normal and infrared camera capabilities allow for reliable and accurate real-time video surveillance functionality in any conditions. An in-built light sensor module adjusts the camera’s function automatically depending on the light level.
  • Cloud connectivity – Wi-Fi connection to the cloud allows for data collected to be compared to uploaded facial features or to be analyzed later if needed.
  • Voice and light alerts – staff are alerted to abnormal temperature readings and other security issues through voice and light alerts from the device.
  • 15.6 inch, 1080p HD touch screen – user-friendly interface to interact with the device and display useful information and notices.

Learn more about the Concieguard and other robotic security solutions

In a world reeling from the effects on COVID-19, innovations such as the Concieguard can help us in the fight and stay safer in the years to come. Contact Guardforce here to learn more about this and other robotic security solutions.

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