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Guardforce Security Patrol Robot

If you grew up in the ‘80s, you probably watched the movie RoboCop (1987) and just thought that the likes of ED-209 would be confined to science fiction. Well, now it’s 2018 and we are actually starting to see the emergence of the security patrol robot. Thankfully, the security robots you will see are a lot more reserved than ED-209! In this post, we will take a closer look at Guardforce Hong Kong’s security patrol robot

What does Guardforce’s security patrol robot do?

The security patrol robot is a fully-autonomous robot security guard, requiring no direct operator supervision. It is mainly designed to take over the duties of human patrols, allowing for significant savings on manpower. It will return to the charging station automatically when required so it is able to operate 24/7, day or night, and in adverse weather conditions if used outdoors. Its CCTV cameras give a 360-degree panoramic view so there is no blind spot.

Patrol routes can be preset or self-determined and, through a combination of CCTV and facial recognition, the robot will send live images or alerts to a control centre if it detects an abnormal or suspicious situation. The data collected is also uploaded to the cloud for later investigation by security or law enforcement personnel.

Patrol robots are particularly useful in areas which would pose a threat to human security guards, such as high-crime areas.

In which locations are patrol robots mainly used?

Patrol robots are ideal for monitoring industrial parks, pipelines, warehouses, power plants, malls, campuses, residential developments and chemical storage facilities.

They are also useful aids at exhibitions and expos, assisting with crowd control, issuing announcements, performing identity checks and screening for dangerous goods.

What safety features does the Guardforce patrol robot have?

Each patrol robot is equipped with a variety of sensors to avoid accidents, such as ultrasound, and anti-crash and obstacle avoidance systems.

So, as you can see, patrol robots are no longer science fiction and with Guardforce Hong Kong’s security patrol robot starting trials at a school and a science park in June this year, you may be meeting it very soon!

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