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What Are The Alternatives To A Bank Safety Deposit Box?

Bank safety deposit boxes are undoubtedly a sensible way of securing your valuables. But safe prices as well as safe locations and opening hours can make them a rather costly and inconvenient method – that is if you can find a bank safebox available in the first place with potential customers facing long waiting lists. Also, with digital and cloud storage on the rise, the need for physical safety deposit boxes may one day disappear. But not just yet because many items simply can’t be stored digitally. In this post, we will look at items that you should be storing outside your home in a safety deposit box  and the alternatives to a bank safety deposit box that are currently available on the market.

Items you should be storing in a safety deposit box

Many items are too valuable, irreplaceable or difficult and costly to replace to be stored in your home. The most common form of crime in Hong Kong is actually theft. According to the Hong Kong Police Force statistics, there were 13,920 incidents of theft and 1,457 incidents of burglary from Jan-Aug 2020 alone. So, if you own any of the following items, you should really be thinking about some kind of secure storage outside your home.

  • Travel documents (e.g. passports, etc.)
  • Personal identification documents (e.g. ID cards, etc.)
  • Birth, marriage, death, graduation certificates
  • Physical stock and bond certificates
  • Property deeds and other important property documentation
  • Wills, insurance policies, vehicle documentation, etc.
  • Memorable personal items such as letters, photos, etc.
  • Collectables such as stamps, coins, etc.
  • Jewelry and watches – particularly favored by thieves
  • Cash, gold or other precious items – another obvious target for thieves

You may think installing a home safe would be a good option but they are not really in the same league as those provided by banks and security companies. A home safe is much more susceptible to theft and even fire and water damage. Items of less value which are needed often could perhaps be stored in a home safe but for anything else, we recommend storing them outside your home.

But if bank safes are indeed difficult to come by and limit your access to their relatively short opening times (made even worse by the COVID-19 outbreak), what alternatives are available?

Guardforce Tri-Guard Safe Deposit Box

Guardforce Hong Kong is one of the top providers of security solutions in the region and operates a trusted and secure safe service in Hong Kong named the Tri-Guard Safe Deposit Box.

These smart safe boxes are located in Guardforce’s highly secure bank-standard, air conditioned, fireproof vault and are accessed with a dual access control system, including biometric verification.

Box retrieval is fully automated using robotics meaning more safe deposit boxes can be made available for customers so no more waiting lists for bank safe boxes to become available. The automation also allows for larger safe deposit box sizes and much longer safe opening hours (7am – 11pm daily).

Guardforce provides private rooms to view the box contents and HK$100,000 of insurance coverage is included in the rental package.

If you are worried about the security of your valuables and are looking for a safe deposit box without the wait and inconvenience of a bank safebox, we would definitely recommend the Tri-Guard Safe Deposit Box.

Talk to Guardforce now about keeping your valuables safe

Guardforce’s Tri-Guard Safe Deposit Box is the ideal solution to keep your precious valuables safe and secure. Convenient, cost-effective and available now, reserve yours today on (852) 2784 3777.

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