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Why People Are Moving Away From Bank Safe Deposit Boxes - Guardforce

Tri-guard safe deposit box vs Bank safe boxIf you have valuable items you want to keep safe from theft, fire or flood, you’re really going to need a safe deposit box. But where do you start looking for one though?

Well, banks have always been the traditional place to look for a safe deposit box, but you’d be lucky to find one available these days, especially in Hong Kong where the wait could be years! Not only that, bank safe deposit boxes are simply not the best option available on offer. Guardforce Hong Kong’s pioneering “Tri-Guard” safe deposit box service has been developed to address the shortcomings of bank safe deposit boxes and it is available right now.

So let’s look at why people are moving away from bank safe deposit boxes and see how Tri-Guard has revolutionized safe deposit box services in Hong Kong.


Bank safe deposit box vs. Guardforce’s Tri-Guard

Though the services offered by banks vary somewhat, we’ve put together an easy-to-view comparison table of what you can expect from a typical bank in Hong Kong versus what you can enjoy with Tri-Guard.

Bank safe deposit box vs. Guardforce’s Tri-Guard

Guardforce’s Tri-Guard – a highly secure and fully automated safe deposit box service when you need it

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to securely store your valuables as well as having them conveniently accessible, Guardforce’s Tri-Guard is your best solution in Hong Kong.

From the ability to access your safe deposit box 365 days a year with generous opening hours, all the way to the multi-factor visitor identification system and fully computerized safe storage operation, you can be rest assured that your valuables are protected from damage or loss. It’s no wonder why people are moving away from bank safe deposit boxes!

You can find out more about Guardforce’s Tri-Guard by downloading the brochure here, or go ahead and reserve your safe deposit box now.

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