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Why You Should Enhance Your CCTV With A Video Management System

Video Analytics | Video Management System - Guardforce Hong KongCCTV on its own provides some level of security but has its flaws. A basic CCTV camera is essentially dumb – relying on human operators to spot breaches in security either as they occur or after the event. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), CCTV cameras can now be equipped with a powerful intelligent Video Management System utilizing Video Analytics to greatly increase their automation and effectiveness. But how does it work and what does it offer users? In this blog, we will take a look at why you should enhance your CCTV with a Video Management System.

What is a Video Management System (VMS)?

In short, a VMS uses Video Analytics to identify changes in the environment under CCTV surveillance. With AI, ML and facial recognition capabilities, not only does the effectiveness and scope of CCTV greatly improve but the risk of false alarms can be minimized and manpower reduced. CCTV combined with a VMS is ideally suited for perimeter security at industrial and critical infrastructure sites, warehouses, shopping malls, airports and other strategic facilities.

How does a VMS work?

Pairing surveillance cameras with a VMS allows the whole monitoring process to be automated. It operates on parameters preset by the user for the specific needs of each premises. If the system detects something abnormal (i.e. outside of the set parameters), an alert is sent to a designated person via a PC or mobile device. This ensures no event is missed and means constant human intervention is not necessary. A VMS also allows for quick identification of search objects either in real-time or from historical records, including faces and car license plates.

VMS could track undefined objects to prevent potential risks - Guardforce Hong Kong

The VMS offered by Guardforce goes even further by using geomap integration to identify locations and forensically track routes of faces and cars. This intelligent VMS can also be integrated with other systems to perform additional functions, such as using preset scheduling to identify staff not authorized to be present at a specific time and location. This tool is proving to be very useful for industries requiring a high level of security, such as pharmaceuticals and public utilities.

VMS avoid theft and vandalism at work place - Guardforce Hong Kong

It should also be noted that the Guardforce VMS is not only used for security. Dwell and loitering monitoring, people counting, queue management and demographic analytics all add value to the system.

How will a VMS benefit your organization?

The main benefits of installing a VMS are:

  • Reducing the risk of overlooking suspicious or actual criminal behavior

  • Reducing the reliance on human operators

  • Quickly recognizing threats based on preset parameters

  • Reducing investigation time through powerful analytics

  • Providing insights to improve customer experience and drive marketing and merchandising decisions

  • Having easy-to-access and user-friendly reporting on hand

Talk to Guardforce now to upgrade your CCTV

Guardforce’s VMS is an easy to install and cost-effective solution to improving your security using the latest technology. Talk to us today to learn how you can upgrade your CCTV. Contact us.

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