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Established since 1977, Guardforce has been continuously expanding  service scope to meet the evolving needs of the communities we serve, with our footprint extended beyond Hong Kong to Macau, Thailand and Australia.

Guardforce (Macau) Limited – Inaugurated in 1990,  it was the first security company established in Macau, and has become a total security service provider in the territory specialised in services including Cash-In-Transit and Cash Management, Security Personnel,  Security System and Technology Solution.

Guardforce Security (Thailand) Company Limited – Established in 1989, it is a leading international security service provider and one of the largest in Thailand, with expertise in professional security services that protect and safeguard the valuable assets of our clients.

Guardforce Aviation Security Company Limited – Established in 1991, it provides professional facility management, guarding services and aviation security training for airlines as well as international and domestic airports in Thailand to enhance airport security and services-related operations.

Guardforce Service Solution Company Limited – Established in 1996, it provides innovative one-stop security system and technology solutions that are designed according to our clients’ specifications and help our clients’ businesses to transform through an end-to-end approach and technological applications.

Securecorp – Established since 1998, Securecorp is a leading integrated professional security and facility management service provider in Australia with expertise in professional guarding, electronic security, cleaning, monitoring and training services. Its services cover every state of Australia.

The Guardforce group of companies, as part of China Security Co., Ltd (SH600654), work towards a common goal of delivering innovative end-to-end solutions to enhance security for all, with the foresight to identify the evolving needs of our customers and communities. We strive to strengthen Guardforce’s dominant position in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region as a leading integrated technologically driven security and facility services provider.

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