About Us

Our Philosophy

To apply constantly upgraded security expertise to meet the community's diverse and evolving needs

Mission and Vision

“We deliver innovative solutions, fortified security and genuine care for the community, with the foresight to identify evolving needs

Guardforce is keenly aware that the world is constantly evolving, and people in different societies have diverse needs. We strive to apply our proven expertise in security and innovation to sharpen our foresight for identifying evolving needs, and pioneer technologically driven innovative solutions that can fortify security and improve business efficiency to create long-term value. We also apply technology to support under-served areas, such as elderly care and cleaning, in Guardforce’s unique way to show genuine care for the communities we serve, and make the world a secure place to live in and do business.

Guardforce is committed to developing secure, professional and cost-effective security solutions for our clients, by continuously diversifying our service scope to match the changing needs of our clients and their business environments. Understanding that our people represent our most valuable assets, Guardforce strives to provide a safe, dynamic and challenging work environment for our employees.

Our Values
Performing our duties to the best of our ability
Act with honesty, vigilance and ethics
Strive for exceptional quality, innovation, value and client satisfaction through measured performance objectives
Understand clients’ unique requirements and develop tailored solutions to meet their individual needs
Provide training and development to empower our staff, and promote diversity, respect and work-life balance
Protect our clients and our staff through appropriate systems, procedures and training
Care for the needs of the community, our staff, our clients and the environment in all our endeavours
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