Electronics Security Solutions

Electronics security

Cost-effective and Reliable Means of Security Protection

Electronic security provides security protection to premises through a series of electronic equipment, and mainly comprising Closed circuited Television (CCTV), alarm system and access control. Because of its nature of remote and automated monitoring with the 7x24 operation mode, it is widely deployed by residential developments, commercial workplaces, retail stores, schools, public facilities and more.  Such reliable solutions integrated with security personnel can effectively prevent unlawful entry into a premises and provide traceable evidence in case of incidents.  With the advancement of technology, electronic security can now integrate with other devices or software to expand its functions beyond security, such as attendance taking, temperature measurement, marketing insights gathering, heat mapping and people counting, etc.  

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CCTV Surveillance System

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CCTV surveillance system consists of a series of equipment transmitting visual images and saving them for record. The system’s camera serves as the eye for surveillance, and they come in analog or IP format.  An NVR / DVR recording device will also be used as part of the system. There are a variety of devices that all have different benefits at different price points, complexity for installation, cabling, function and scalability. Customers can choose the optimal system based on critical factors such as the desired level of security, budget, physical environment, size of the area and other functions.  

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Alarm System

Alarm System | Guardforce HK

This system can detect illegal entry into a premises and scare away intruders to prevent losses. The system can be used with sensors to enable detection of different situations. Alarm systems can be wired or wireless, monitored and unmonitored, etc.  For highly sensitive areas, get 24-hour support from monitoring centres for round-the-clock professional surveillance to ensure your premises are absolute free from risks.

Access Control

Access Control System | Guardforce HK

Strategically controlling access to your premises or certain areas is important to prevent unauthorized access and record all entries for attendance checking or analysis.  In general, there are different types of access control such as discretionary, mandatory, role-based and rule-based. Different tools are used for access control, for example, biometric (e.g. fingerprints, finger veins, facial recognition), access card, pin code and more. Integrating access control with different devices can deliver functions beyond security such as attendance-taking and temperature measurement, depending on user requirements.

Service Maintenance

With a good security system in place, it is essential to ensure it is running optimally.  A periodic inspection of all devices installed is essential to ensure the system is operating at its best. This includes checking of alarms, surveillance cameras, detectors and sensors, circuits, power, lighting etc. Our professional and experienced staff will also provide professional advice ensuring your systems are always up-to-date and your premises and valuables are well protected.

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FAQ about Guardforce Electronic Security and Access Control Solutions

Why must companies have security systems?

Every company should set up a security system to help prevent break-ins, vandalism and other crimes.

How often should a security system be checked, and what kind of maintenance is required?

Your security system must be regularly checked to ensure it is working properly. Regular examinations should be conducted to make sure power connections and wirings are secured and intact. Guardforce provides regular examination and maintenance services for security systems, including access control systems, alarm systems and CCTV systems, when required.

What shall we do when there are false alarms?

When a security alarm sounds, an alert will be sent to the guards. The guards on duty should check if there are suspicious activities and unauthorized entries regardless so as to ensure safety.

Could I connect to the security system with my mobile phone?

Guardforce’s security systems have integrated advanced technology. For example, the cameras of a access control system can be connected to the associated software to enable real-time checking of images. As mobile phones and tablets are quite widely used these days, remote connection to your security system is one of the basic and effective features of a security solution.

How much would it cost to install an access control system for my company?

That depends on the technology and design required for the access control system. Please feel free to contact us for further consultation and quotation.

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