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How To Select The Right CCTV System For Your Premises

How To Select The Right CCTV System For Your Premises

There are many types of closed-circuit television (CCTV) on the market these days used for a variety of purposes and catering for a range of budgets, and it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. To understand what system you need, you first need to consider the purpose of your CCTV (security, video surveillance, monitoring, access control, etc.), what other security measures you have installed (if CCTV is the only security measure, it will need to have more/different features), the nature of your premises (commercial, residential, high-risk or low-risk area, etc.), the functions required, and most importantly, your budget. Getting these factors clear is critical otherwise you could end up with a system that is not suited for your needs and you could end up wasting money and opening yourself up to security risks. To help you avoid these pitfalls, in this blog, we will look at how to select the right CCTV system for you. 

1. Type of camera

This first depends on the location the camera(s) will be placed, i.e. indoor/outdoor and if the area you wish to monitor is large or small. Then you need to decide if the CCTV camera(s) need to be visible as a deterrent or do they need to be discreet. This will help you select from the various types of cameras available, such as Dome, Bullet, PTZ, fisheye, etc. For better scalability and compatibility with other technological devices, it is always recommended to choose digital rather than analogue cameras.

2. Features

Depending on the main function of your video surveillance system, you can select cameras based on the resolution (i.e. the quality of images that are needed), type of lens, wireless or wired, and whether night vision or facial recognition is required or not.

3. Type of cabling

You can choose between wired or wireless closed-circuit television, so you need to decide if you are looking for a cloud-based system, where footage can be accessed from anywhere, or just an on-site digital video recorder (DVR) hard drive recording.

4. Type of CCTV recorder

How large the storage capacity you choose for recordings will depend on how long you would like to keep the footage for and how often you are willing to overwrite footage.

For DVR hard drive recording, it is important to consider many units will connect to the drive so you can decide on the storage capacity needed. If you require advanced features such as facial recognition, video analytic smart search, etc., you will need a more powerful DVR to ensure these functions work correctly.

5. Budget

You don’t need to automatically select the most expensive CCTV system, just the one that suits your needs. Don’t overbuy systems with features that you won’t use is key to keeping within budget. For this, it is best to seek professional advice from reputable a supplier such as Guardforce Hong Kong. They will help you select the right video surveillance system for you with optimal costing.

6. Maintenance and support

The final thing to consider is to ensure you purchase your CCTV system and have it installed by a reputable, trustworthy supplier. It is recommended to choose a supplier who can provide emergency support and regular maintenance to ensure the system is always operating at an optimal level to minimize risk.

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So as we have seen, selecting the correct CCTV system to suit your needs depends on a number of important factors. To ensure you are making the right choice, we recommend contacting security experts Guardforce Hong Kong for a professional consultation to help guide you in the right direction. Contact them here.

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