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Ideal solution for perimeter security

Video Analytics solution provides artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, taking into account changes in the environment and minimize the risk of false alarms. It is an ideal solution for perimeter security in industrial sites, critical infrastructure, warehouses, airports and other strategic facilities.

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Guardforce Intelligent VMS (Video Management System) - A smart way to identify security risks at business premises

Guardforce’s Intelligent Video Management System (VMS) uses video analytics technology to identify abnormal changes in an environment. The whole monitoring process is automated, adhering to monitoring rules for any specific scenarios customised by the user, making it an effective way to prevent thefts or vandalism and enhance the overall security of your business premises.

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How it works

VMS operates in conjunction with surveillance cameras. The monitoring rules are preset in the system. When the system detects abnormal occurrences that are beyond the set rules, an alert will be sent to a designated person via PC or any mobile devices. This will help eliminate the risks of human oversight and ensure the premises is safe.  


  • Quick identification of search objects in real-time or historical and archived records
  • Integration with geomaps for easy location identification
  • Advanced tracking of faces, objects and car license plates
  • Forensic tracking of faces or cars with illustration of routes  
  • Dwell and Loitering Monitoring, People Counter, Queue Management Analysis and Demographics 

The Intelligent VMS is a powerful analytics tools that can be integrated with other office systems for additional functions, such as using scheduling to identify staff not authorised to be present at a specific time and location. This powerful tool is ideal for industries that demand a high level of security, such as those for catering, pharmaceutical, high-value production and public utilities, which need to constantly detect undefined or missing objects at their business premises to ensure public safety at all times.

VMS will take the security to a higher level at public facilities. Equipped with surveillance cameras, the system will send an alert to the control room when any foreign object is detected within a monitored zone, so that the control room can take immediate action and further investigate or evacuate to minimize risks for the public.  This proactive approach based on pre-set rules delivers greater performance than real-time monitoring.

How Guardforce’s Video Analytics Solutions will benefit your organisation

  • Optimize customer service and operations with valuable business intelligence from your existing video data
  • Provide insights to drive marketing and merchandising decisions
  • Recognize threats, based on triggers using facial surveillance, advanced object tracking and license plate recognition
  • Reduce investigation time from hours to minutes with a centralized and searchable database that includes powerful crime investigation analytics
  • Reduce risks of overlooking suspicious or real criminal events due to human error
  • Reports are available for documenting suspicious activities

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This solution is ideal for monitoring premises with heavy human traffic, such as commercial buildings, shopping malls, airports, etc.

Technological advancement makes automation a highly beneficial option for corporations or government units to optimize manpower while still able to enhance security monitoring level with the use of big data. Monitoring is done offsite and is far more efficient than rostering staff to handle the duties. Financially, the investment in Video Analytics can further reduce a company’s expenses on insurance, as the enhanced of security could lower liabilities.

Guardforce’s VMS is an easy to install and cost-effective solution to improve your security using the latest technology. Talk to us today to learn how you can upgrade your CCTV or get a professional consultation. 

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