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Robotics solutions make use of intelligent robots to take over human tasks at workplaces or homes. Multifunctional and fully automated robots have enormous potential and proven benefits in optimising manpower and consistent performance, delivering value-added commercial functions and making offices and homes much more secure.

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Guardforce is at the forefront of devising an expanding range of robotics Hong Kong solutions that excel in consistently performing the specific tasks they are designed for. Robotics Hong Kong Solutions are increasingly adopted, underscoring their efficacy and contributions to controlling the high labour cost for repetitive tasks.

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1. Delivery Robots

Delivery robots for a company help to smooth operations by taking over tedious logistics tasks within a building that has a complex layout of functional areas. They operate autonomously and these robotics solutions are equipped with a smart container to keep their “cargo” safe. 

At a time when human contact must be minimised to support public health control measures, Guardforce’s delivery robot - Porter Guard adds tremendous value to ensuring delivery efficiency and showing care to customers and staff. The robotics solution is creating value for clients in several ways. 

Guardforce’s delivery robot - Porter Guard is popular for hospitality services, such as delivering necessities, gifts and room service meals to in-room guests, guide guests to hotel rooms, disinfect interior spaces, conduct security patrol, clean and more.

As consumers today want convenience however they can get it, this type of robotics Hong Kong solution has commercial applications in other industries, including in hospitals, grocery stores, university campuses and convenience stores. Take, for example, the use of automated delivery robots for helping teachers and professors carry heavy documents and deliver items across long walking distances around campuses. Or the use of the robotics solution on the front lines of keeping both patients and staff safe against contagious diseases.

Different models of Porter Guard are available. You have the flexibility to choose a delivery robot from our company that suits your industry and operations. 

Features:Delivery Robot | PorterGuard - Guardforce

  • Multiple compartments for delivery to four users in one go

  • Password-controlled to enhance security
  • Travel by lifts autonomously
  • Autonomous obstacle avoidance
  • Intelligent mapping
  • Auto-recharge

Advantages of Delivery Robot

  • Autonomous delivery/service
  • Faster delivery
  • Personnel can focus on high-value activities
  • Delivery robots can be tracked
  • Reduce human contact during public health crises
  • Keep customer satisfaction intact

A delivery robot cannot replicate human interactions but it doesn't dehumanise them either. This robotics solution is invaluable when considering factors such as safety, practicality, costs and long-term returns. 

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2. Patrol robots

Patrol Robots are geared up for 24/7 security patrol and mobile monitoring of indoor and outdoor venues, even in extreme weather conditions. They bring together robotics and artificial intelligence to help human guards be more effective. A way in which these robotics accomplish it is by adding facial recognition to identify unauthorised visitors and send live images or alerts to control centres. 

Features: Patrol Robot - Guardforce

  • Connect to Wi-Fi networks for real-time monitoring 
  • Program the robotics Hong Kong solution for pre-set patrol routes
  • Multiple sensors for obstacle avoidance
  • 360-degree camera enabled for full view and HD night vision
  • Security flashlight installed on robotics

Patrol Robots are ideal for use at shopping malls, industrial sites, campuses, hospitals and other public facilities where security is essential during non-peak periods. The robotics solution is also perfect for taking the odd-hour shifts when recruiting human workers is difficult. Patrol robots work on pre-set routes, with reliable and consistent performance. The features of indoor and outdoor patrol robots are tailored differently to carry out duties in different environments.

Advantages of Security/Patrol Robot

  • Additional 'feet on the ground' in expansive areas
  • Allow surveillance of larger areas more cost-effectively
  • Patrol hard-to-reach or hazardous spots using robotics
  • Detect people or vehicles in unauthorised areas
  • Robotics can augment existing security guard teams
  • Free traditional security guards to take on more strategic tasks 

A partnership between human guards and patrol robots can enhance surveillance capabilities and tactical response. Large facilities and comprehensive security plans can especially benefit from the addition of patrol robotics solutions to the enterprise security team. 

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Temperature Checking | Visitor Management Robot | Concieguard - Guardforce3. Customer Service Robot - ConcieGuard

A robotics Hong Kong solution that is integrated with access control in commercial or residential buildings, ConcieGuard smart visitor management system can be installed with facial recognition to perform different functions such as credential checking, guest and event registration, customer services, company staff attendance monitoring, advertising display and ticket printing.

With its thermal camera and temperature measurement feature, the robotics solution is ideal for commercial or residential buildings and retailers to conduct mandatory body temperature monitoring. The robotic solution’s multitasking features make it popular for places where customer services are essential, such as commercial buildings, shopping malls, banks and other public utilities.

In addition, the robotics solution has a thermal camera and temperature measurement feature. It is ideal for commercial or residential buildings and retailers to conduct mandatory body temperature monitoring.


  • Compact IoT unit (45 kg)
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Standard plug socket
  • High-resolution 4 megapixel camera

Advantages of Customer Service Robot:

  • Reduce reliance on manpower
  • Simple to operate
  • Record useful data for future management analyses
  • Less likely to make errors 
  • Provide light or voice alerts
  • Robotics equipped with video display to maximise marketing opportunity

Robotics technology is developing a higher level of intelligence, making it effective on the frontlines of customer service. The integration of concierge robotics Hong Kong solutions with access control and surveillance features creates multi-purpose robots supporting an assortment of vital functions for establishments. 

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4. Disinfection Robots - VirusGuard

Equipped with a nozzle-spray system, the disinfection robot sanitises a space with an effective and risk-free disinfectant as often as needed, on random or pre-set schedules, to ensure your facility is constantly kept clean and virus-free. The aerosolized disinfectant (chlorine dioxide and phytoncide) used by the disinfection robot is certified safe for humans in lab tests. This makes the disinfection robotics solution one of the few in the market that can operate in the presence of humans, making our disinfection robot in Hong Kong ideal for use at shopping malls, schools, offices and other public facilities.   

Features: VirusGuard - Guardforce's disinfection robot

  • Spray disinfect floors
  • Sterilisation aerosol
  • Auto-return to the base to recharge
  • Auto-mapping of disinfection locations, routes, and schedules

An emergency stop function and in-build anti-collision technology on the disinfection robot ensure that no accidents will occur along the way. Our robotics Hong Kong solution is also able to auto-navigate into elevators for multi-floor cleaning.

Advantage of Disinfection Robot:

  • Avoid staff exposure to surfaces and environments that can make them sick
  • Free up staff's time for value-generating tasks
  • Improve frequency and quality of cleaning 
  • The disinfection robot’s Hong Kong cleaning schedule is unaffected when some staff members are off work
  • Better staff productivity from implementing a refined robotics solution
  • Show staff that you care about their well-being by implementing robotics

Acting quickly and decisively to keep staff and customers safe during a public health crisis pays off hugely. Robotics helps reduce exposure risk and helps slow the spread of the virus in the organisation as well as community. A disinfection robot does precisely what it is programmed to do. When the cleaning and disinfecting process is difficult or costly, the disinfection robot can help companies and organisations achieve maximum results and ensure the safe use of disinfectants. 

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Learn More About Our Robotics Company’s Hong Kong Solutions

Guardforce provides personalised consultation to help tailor robotics solutions for every client to achieve specific objectives for security, marketing, and customer service. Learn more about our robotics Hong Kong solutions on our website. Also feel free to drop us a line about your requirements or any questions you may have about our robotics products and services. 


About Guardforce’s Robotics Solutions - FAQs:

1. Do robots need human intervention? 

The main goal of robotics is to create intelligent machines that can assist humans in various ways. Robots can be programmed to work without human intervention. Or these robotics can be remotely controlled by a human operator. For example, you can control Guardforce's cleaning robot via an app. In fact, you can manage a full cleaning robot team easily with a single app. 


2. How is AI used in robotics? 

In robotics, artificial intelligence serves as the machine's 'brain' and 'senses' to 'see', navigate and calculate its reactions to a situation. Robots learn to perform tasks through machine learning, a subset of AI. Humans act as instructors directly or indirectly. Advancements in robotics are enabling robots to teach themselves to do things. 


3. Why should our hospital consider a delivery robot? 

A delivery robot keeps your staff focused on patient care, and is particularly useful during peak demand. The robotics Hong Kong solution can deliver meal trays to patients' rooms, move clinical supplies 24/7, and transport medical specimens to labs. Security patrolling, cleaning and disinfecting are other functions that a delivery robot is equipped to perform. 


4. What should I look for when buying a cleaning robot? 

Understand the kind of surfaces the cleaning robot is programmed to clean, the area it can clean on a single charge, whether it operates noiselessly, what is its cleaning effectiveness, the number of hours it can operate continuously, and how easy it is to set-up the robotics solution. 


5. Can a disinfection robot replace manual cleaning? 

That is for the facility to determine. Generally, commercial establishments and companies use a disinfection robot to supplement their existing cleaning cycle. But thanks to advancements in robotics Hong Kong solutions, it may be possible to 'employ' an intelligent disinfection robot team to perform all or most of the cleaning and disinfecting.  


6. What are the potential risks of incorporating a robotics solution? 

Robotics Hong Kong providers aim to build intelligent machines that deliver consistent performance. Any undesired effects during the use of robotics usually result from human error while using the solution. Environmental factors and poor maintenance can also give rise to failures or hazards when using robotics. 


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