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Get a full picture of customers’ habits and preferences


Use the video images captured by In-store surveillance camera to translate into useful data and interpret customer behaviour so as to formulate corresponding in-store sales and marketing strategies.

Similar to Shoppertrak, Guardforce’s Retail Analytics Solution makes use of retail technology algorithms to analyse in-store images captured by CCTV systems. It then provides rich analytic features that help to capture in-store information such as the most popular products and locations on display shelves and the busiest shopping hours.

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Some of the useful features of the Retail Analytics Solution are:

  • People Counting : Gauge the number of customers in store in different times of the day or different days of the week
  • Heat Map : Identify which areas of the store attract the highest number of customers or keep customer linger for longer
  • Pathmap : Map out the directions and pathways that consumers tend to take inside a store
  • Multi-store comparison : Compare people count, heat map, pathmap and many other functions in different stores for devising effective product display or in-store promotion strategies across different stores

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Cloud-based user-friendly customised analytic reports, complete with visual insights for easy understanding, are generated for clients. The reports can be accessed via mobile and smart devices anytime anywhere.

Guardforce aims to extend the functionalities of Retail Analytics technology to empower businesses to leverage their security setup for commercial functions.

True to Guardforce’s motto: “Securing the Present. Innovating the Future”, Guardforce applies the latest technologies to constantly upgrade security services, at the same time leveraging security technologies to serve business or operational functions.

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