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Guardforce Awarded HKIM’s Enterprise Market Leadership Award 2019/2020

2020.12.28 headline daily - HKMI Leadership award 2019/2020 - Guardforce

Guardforce has been awarded the Enterprise Market Leadership Award 2019/20 by the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing. This year’s award recognises corporations that pivoted their marketing strategies to make the best out of the new norms shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic. The award winners were announced through Headline Daily on 28 December 2020.

The pandemic has affected all business sectors. Staying true to the group’s mission and vision: “We deliver innovative solutions, fortified security and genuine care for the community, with the foresight to identify evolving needs”, Guardforce introduced a host of smart solutions under our Anti-epidemic Integrated Solution for augmenting public health control efforts. The solution offers smart robots such as VirusGuard, Fever Check Reader, Cleaning Robot and Porter Guard to meet keen market demand for infection control tools, as well as to contribute in the ongoing anti-epidemic battle.

Guardforce CEO Ida Chi said: “We are very honoured to have been awarded the HKIM Market Leadership Award. It recognises our endeavours to innovate and introduce high-tech and effective tools to keep the community safe, beyond our traditional security services such as cash-in-transit. Guardforce will continue to evolve to meet market needs, and to innovate to equip ourselves especially at difficult times like this.”

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