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Guardforce is a trusted service provider of Secure Logistics services in Hong Kong and occupies major market shares in Cash-in-Transit service for banks, retailers and government departments that deal with substantial daily cash turnover. Operating with ISO certified precision, Guardforce is one of the few companies in Hong Kong holding a Type II licence for providing secure transportation, collection, delivery and storage of cash, valuables and confidential documents in Hong Kong. 

We have strong and proven capabilities in security service, operated by our unrivalled team of professional and experienced security personnel and a fleet of armoured vehicles. Our teams follow a set of strict security protocol when transporting cash and high-value goods from location to location. 

Our integrated secure logistics solutions are tailored for clients of all sizes from different industries – include major banks, retailers and companies dealing with large cash flows. 

Door-to-door Cash Collection & Delivery in Hong Kong

As Hong Kong’s leading cash collection service provider, Guardforce offers comprehensive services in door-to-door collection and delivery of cash and valuables in Hong Kong.

Guardforce maintains a fleet of more than 130 specialised armoured vehicles operated by highly qualified cash transit and delivery teams to provide timely and secure services for clients in financial institutions, retail chains, government departments and other sectors. We service more than 5,000 locations daily.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of reliable service, superior collection and delivery efficiency. The greater risk control from using Guardforce’s services results in lower insurance cost.

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Secure Storage

As a leader in total security solutions, Guardforce has set the benchmark for secure storage and distribution in Hong Kong. We protect customers’ data tapes, cash coupons, title deeds, credit cards, smart cards, stored-value cards, high-value personal items, confidential documents, gold jewellery and other valuables.

Guardforce maintains industry-leading fortified strong room storage facilities in Hong Kong. The security specifications of the facilities meet stringent bank-vault standards:

  • Manned 24/7/365
  • Advanced electronic access control
  • Sophisticated alarm monitoring
  • Video recording and CCTV monitoring systems

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