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Keeping sensitive documents secure in transit is as important as keeping valuables safe. These items are often not replaceable, or the process of replacement can be complicated, time consuming or costly. These documents must be safely delivered to their destinations within a narrow time window, and often specific delivery requirements must be in place to meet the deadline for further processing the documents. A professional, reliable and secure delivery service becomes critical in this case.

Examples of items that need to be delivered with a high-degree of security and time-sensitivity:

  • Checks, stocks and bonds certificates
  • Credit cards, medical records or financial documents containing personal information or photo IDs
  • Legal documents such as wills, title deeds, etc
  • Data tapes, hard drives containing corporate confidential information

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Guardforce is Hong Kong’s reputable security courier company. Our Secure Courier Service is operated by a disciplined, professional and police-screened team that specialises in delivering important documents and data storage equipment. Our clients include banks, financial institutions, governments, corporations with branches, etc.

Our network courier team can accommodate client’s special schedule and perform shuttle service between corporate’s branches or dedicated customers offices on a daily or weekly basis.  All deliveries will be packed in security pouch and sealed with security seal, following a set of stringent procedures to ensure the delivery are done with utmost protection.  Upon of completion of each delivery customers are given a signed Proof of Delivery for record and therefore all deliveries are traceable.

Guardforce operates a fleet of GPS-equipped vehicles to ensure quick and efficient service, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We courier your important items throughout Hong Kong, strictly within clients’ specified deadlines.

This network courier service is suitable for companies which involve multiple branches and require high level security with their delivery.


Corporate data tapes are extremely important as they contain the back up of all digital data of business activities and these preserved data is needed as responses to unexpected events. 

Guardforce’s Tape Management System provides a compliant and secure physical vault especially designed for data tapes storage. Equipped with a FM200 fire system and temperature control, the vault can store data tapes in optimal conditions without running the risks of data being damaged.

Convenient online tape management

Guardforce's Tape Management System (TMS) is a secure, efficient and reliable platform for checking data tape inventory records online.

Through our user-friendly, web-based platform, customers can access inventory records stored in Guardforce's high-security data vault. Transaction history is recorded and retrieval and collection schedule can be placed allowing data tapes can be conveniently retrieved and securely delivered by our professional secure courier. 

Currently telecom companies, banks, public transportation companies, government and many large size corporations are our major customers.

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