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Electronic security solutions, including installations such as CCTV surveillance systems, security alarm systems, access control system and DVR/NVR systems form the first line of high-tech defence against unauthorised access and intrusions in Hong Kong.

Guardforce has integrated state-of-art technology, including facial recognition, video analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and robotic solutions, with basic electronic security devices to provide automated and absolutely secure solutions that suit different security requirements.


Next-Level Physical Security Solutions for Peace of Mind

Allowing and monitoring employee and visitor access to your building is a security best practice that has evolved with time. Human observation and manual logging are inefficient in controlling the movement of people in your premises. Electronic security solutions more easily and effectively allow you to track people that are using your space. 

Your organisation's physical security wheel can have many cogs, depending on your company’s unique security solution requirements. The installation of an access control system in Hong Kong is one such key component of an infrastructure security plan. Here's one of the ways in which you can envision incorporating it into your infrastructure security plan: 

You want a security solution for your company to restrict access to a certain area of your building that houses sensitive information. You've determined who can enter the area and now need to ensure that no one other than these personnel are allowed in. You choose an access control system that assigns smart cards containing RFID chips or QR codes to employees. Encoded within each smart card is a unique, identifying number. When an employee presents their smart card to the card reader at the door opening to the restricted area, the reader automatically recognises that employee and their clearance level, to allow or deny entry. 

Biometric access is yet another security solution for your company that recognises personnel based on their fingerprint, face, iris, hand geometry or voice. This type of access control system is extremely secure given how a person's biometric characteristics are not transferable, that is, they have to be physically present at the identification point to gain entry. 

Your business can appear both friendly and security-minded by implementing a visitor access control system that allows visitors to meet their engagement goals seamlessly, while also controlling their movements and limiting or revoking access as needed.  

Guardforce is in the best position to provide security solutions to your company that protect your people, assets and facilities in Hong Kong against real-world threats. 

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Why Use Our Company’s Security Solutions? 


Refined and innovative security solutions

As Asia’s leading security solution company and system provider in Hong Kong, Guardforce sources, distributes and services a wide range of technologically advanced electronic security solutions and products to provide extra assurance and peace of mind for our clients. Our experience in the security domain spans 40 years, and we take pride in serving Asia's biggest banks, retailers and corporations. Our technology portfolio reflects our motto, ''securing the present, innovating the future''. 


Security systems that perfectly fit your needs

Guardforce’s expert consultants also devise the best electronic security solutions for our customers using the latest state-of-the-art technologies. From the easy installation of an access control system to CCTV surveillance, each security solution is custom designed following a thorough risk assessment, whether it be to make access limited for only authorised persons or to minimise security risks for customers.

Uparalleled after-sales service

From walking your facility officers through the system's features and capabilities to offering insights into the different ways in which the security solution might be used to enhance security, we help you operate and maintain even the most advanced access control system easily and confidently. Leverage our attentive after-sale service to enjoy maximum benefits and the best performance from your electronic security systems.

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Our Electronic Security Solutions and Services in Hong Kong


Our company’s wide range of security solutions, product and service packages offers superior flexibility to cater to different budgets.

Security Alarm Systems to provide early warning of unlawful entry.

Access Control Management Systems using smart card, biometric and computer-controlled technologies to control access in and out of sensitive areas in Hong Kong.

CCTV Surveillance Systems integrated with DVR/NVR Systems to deliver simple monitoring solutions to full-feature commercial CCTV systems.

Integrated Security Systems combining alarm systems, access control system and monitoring systems to provide all-round customised security control to corporate companies and more in Hong Kong.

Security Products & Electronic Product Sales of global safety products.

Service & Maintenance to ensure all customers systems are running at optimal effectiveness and efficiency.

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To learn more about implementing or installing any of our security solutions like our access control system in Hong Kong or CCTV surveillance into your business premises, download our electronic security catalogue below. Feel free to send us an enquiry form as well.


About Guardforce Security Solutions – FAQs:


1. What is the ROI of electronic security solutions? 

An access control system won't generate revenue for you. But the installation of an access control system in Hong Kong will decrease the probability and severity of security incidents that can have an adverse effect on your brand's reputation and give rise to liability incidents. 


2. My organisation has cybersecurity. Why do I need physical security solutions? 

Cybersecurity, on its own, isn't enough to protect an organisation. Physical security gaps can leave the organisation vulnerable to theft and breaches. Even basic security solutions or systems, like an access control system, enable you to manage security incidents effectively and minimise their impact on your business. A DVR, for example, can document ongoing events in your facility on video and alert you to suspicious activity. 


3. Do electronic security solutions or systems work during a power outage? 

Certainly! The systems have a battery backup that keeps them functioning even when the power is out. They may have a fail-safe feature, where the doors in an access control system can automatically unlock (safety first) and fail-secure feature where the doors automatically lock (security first). 


4. How does the Internet of Things transform physical security? 

IoT-based security solutions have made physical security smarter. Their applications include biometric recognition, geofencing (creating a geographical barrier around your company and using GPS coordinates to track objects, people and activity in the area), and a digital trail of security events for proactive planning of improvements. 


5. Will my employees agree to using smart cards? 

As smart cards can be used to track employees' movements, they're invaluable during emergencies such as when an employee is missing and requires medical attention. In the event of a fire incident in your building, emergency services can check whether everyone is near fire exits. There are other employee safety use cases that help encourage the adoption of smart cards and other innovative security solutions. 

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