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Guardforce’s Smart Bin Is Featured In Ming Pao

Smart bin inforgraphic from Ming Pao - Guardforce

Guardforce’s Smart Bin is featured in Ming Pao today (7th June, 2021).

Riding on the initiative of Smart city and IoT, GF Technovation has introduced an intelligent waste management system - Smart Bin that integrates solar-powered trash compactor, fleet management platform, ultrasonic fill-level sensor, auto - disinfection and safety detection features all in one.

GF Technovation, a spin-off of Guardforce, introduced the innovative device to help our society process garbage more effectively. “The Smart Bin is useful in both remote areas and the CBD. Its trash compactor can help to minimize collection rounds and reduce operational costs. It’s a good way to deal with garbage when it’s not easy to get workers to take on such obnoxious work,” Steven Leung, Director of GF Technovation, was quoted as saying.

“In addition, other than collecting garbage, Smart Bin’s ability to accurately detect the level of solid or liquid waste in the container make it highly suitable to be used as bins for collecting used clothes, waste oil, and kitchen waste,” he added.

Read the full story here.

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