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A smart way to manage rubbish bins

Guardforce’s smart city advent

In the progress towards becoming a smart city making use of big data analyses to help enhance operations and monitoring and create long term benefits for the society, smart waste management is just as important as smart security, smart traffic and smart energy.

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Smart waste management solution

Guardforce presents a comprehensive solution combining industry-leading cloud-based software with the latest IoT smart sensor and smart bin technology to deal with the current challenges encountered by waste collectors or facilities. By capturing the exact real-time data of rubbish bin conditions, the solution can help efficiently deal with overflowing bins, inefficient collections, high emissions, bad hygiene and lack of information for facilitating waste disposal.

Ultrasonic fill-level sensor

The smart sensor embedded inside the smart bin detects the fill-level of bins and send data to the cloud-based monitoring and data analytics platform.    

Solar-powered trash compactor

When the waste inside a bin reaches a pre-set level, the solar powered trash compactor will activate and compact the waste in the bin, enabling the bin to hold up to 8 times more waste and reduce collection frequency by up to 80%.

Fleet Management Platform

The platform supports bin location monitoring on a single dashboard and it can optimise the collection route and schedule based on real-time data. This can contribute to enhancing operational efficiency especially for remote site collection, and thus reducing emissions from collection trucks.

Safety Detection

The smart bin is equipped with an intelligent safety sensor to ensure safety at all time. When a human hand is detected, the compaction process will immediately stop. In the event of a fire inside the bin, the fire detection sensor will immediately send an alert signal to notify the user while automatically starting to put out the fire.

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The solution offers an ideal smart device for any indoor and outdoor facilities with heavy human traffic, including theme parks, urban areas, campuses, hospitals, MTR’s stations, airports, bus terminals, offices buildings, schools and convention centres, etc.

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