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Smart Cleaning Solution

IoT solution keeps toilets cleaner with less manpower

Cleaning-on-demand delivers win-win for facility management and users

Traditionally labour-intensive, the cleaning industry should leverage smart city technology and big data in the era of Internet of Things (IoT) to use less manpower and keep toilets cleaner. 

Our latest smart toilet cleaning solution helps facility management operators deliver a pleasant restroom experience with less manpower. It combines a smart toilet system, smart soap dispensers and smart toilet roll dispensers.

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Smart Toilet Solution

A ceiling device equipped with a sensor transceiver and cellular / Wi-Fi Ethernet connectivity detects relevant data that will help the facility management gauge the cleanliness of every restroom. Cleaners can be dispatched only when necessary instead of on a fixed duty schedule.

Features include:

  • People counting – count the number of people entering a restroom
  • Ammonia Sensor – measures the odour concentration level of a restroom
  • Alert System – when the data collected by the sensor reaches certain trigger levels, an email alert will be sent to supervisors to take action

The solution is ideal for facility management and cleaning companies which need to service multiple restrooms.

Smart soap and toilet room dispenser

Sensors-equipped dispensers deliver data and alerts to the facility management to decide when consumables need to be replenished. This helps to eliminate unnecessary duty rounds by cleaners while ensuring soap and toilet supplies never run out for users. Facility management will also get a clear data set on the consumption level of toilet consumables.


The Smart Cleaning Solution is easy to install and has no recurring costs. Facility management can have a full picture of the usage patterns of every restroom so that manpower can be deployed most efficiently to ensure the toilets are always in prime condition. Users will have a positive restroom experience. The facility will enjoy enhanced brand image and save on manpower and other operational costs.  

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