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One Platform to Manage Multiple IoT Devices

The primary goal of a smart city is to leverage innovation and technology to address urban challenges, enhance the effectiveness of city management and improve people’s quality of life. This will not only increase efficiency but also help us consume fewer resources in the running of our cities. Internet-connected devices or Internet of Things (IoT) devices play a huge role in creating a smart city. These devices communicate with each other over the Internet and can be remotely monitored and controlled. The data collected through these devices is also extremely valuable. Depending on the device, the data gathered can be used in a variety of ways, including traffic management and the efficient use of resources.

However, as the number of these IoT devices grows, too many solutions offered by different vendors will actually result in inefficiencies. Guardforce’s Smart Cleaning solution is an example of how important it is to have one platform to manage multiple IoT devices.

What is a smart cleaning solution?

Smart hygiene may not be the most glamourous part of a smart city but it is no less vital. In a city such as Hong Kong with over 7.4 million people inhabiting an area of only 426 square miles, the need for smart hygiene solutions is paramount in keeping the city clean and running efficiently. In an industry renowned for being labour-intensive but also difficult to hire staff, a smart cleaning solution using IoT devices is the knight in shining armour.

Guardforce’s Smart Cleaning solution, for example, utilises smart sensors and smart toilets in public restrooms to monitor consumable usage such as soap dispensers and toilet paper. The sensors also people count to reveal peak-time traffic and measure ammonia levels. If the ammonia levels exceed a pre-determined level, then Plasma Air Sterilisers and Algae Oxygen Bars are triggered to purify the air, reduce odours and increase oxygen levels. This will ensure the restrooms comply with Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department (EPD)’s indoor air quality standards.

The sensors also indicate occupancy and vacancy and can even detect if a person falls. Cleaning staff required to service restrooms can also be optimised through the ability to “clean on demand”.

Guardforce’s Smart Cleaning solution requires only one platform for IoT device management

IoT devices are the backbone of any smart city but with so many vendors offering different solutions with their own benefits and unique features, and collecting data for specific uses, it can create confusion and inconvenience for the user if they are not all centrally managed. As well as the time needed to learn the functionality of each new device and its management software, there is also the problem of having too many logins and passwords which may compromise security.

Guardforce’s Smart Cleaning solution is an example of how important it is to have one single integrated platform to manage multiple IoT devices. As well as simplifying the management of multiple restrooms, the data collected can be analysed and compared more quickly and easily. The web-based portal also allows multiple users to access the same system simultaneously, anytime, anywhere.

All-in-one IoT management platform is the first step to creating an integrated Building Management System (BMS)

So as we have seen, with the growing number IoT devices available, it is important to be able to manage them with an all-in-one management portal to maintain efficiency and security. Building Management should apply the integrated IoT management concept in the development of a complete Building Management System (BMS) which will allow users to manage all aspects of building management, including security, elevators and air-conditioning, through one portal. This type of all-in-one system is going to be increasingly important as time goes on, otherwise smart cities will start creating their own inherent inefficiencies, defeating the whole idea behind them.

To learn more about the Guardforce’s Smart Cleaning Solution, All-in-one IoT management platform, see here.

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