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3 Key Benefits Of Using AI In Security

3 Key Benefits Of Using AI In Security | Guardforce HK Blog

AI (artificial intelligence) is growing more and more sophisticated with each passing day. Various forms of AI are now widely being used in areas such as education, business, marketing, crime prevention, health care and many more. AI is machine-based intelligence that can simulate human behaviour, responses and thought. It can be used to solve specific problems and to take over certain tasks from humans. The AI model is first trained using vast volumes of data (more than any human could absorb) to create algorithms allowing the AI to automatically make intelligent decisions faster and with greater accuracy than any human could. This combination of machine learning, reasoning and automation to take over human tasks with more speed and precision makes AI a perfect fit for use in electronic security and CCTV surveillance systems. In this blog, we will take a look at 3 key benefits of using AI in security.

1. Instant intelligent threat prediction and detection

AI is able to predict and detect security or safety threats even better than humans. Once the AI is trained with the relevant data and the algorithms are set, the system can use its reasoning to predict and detect potential violations which humans may not be able to spot. Guardforce Hong Kong, for instance, offers an electronic security system which combines CCTV with AI-driven video analytics. Video analytics combines technology such as facial recognition, number plate detection and foreign object detection. This powerful combination instantly detects potential abnormal or dangerous situations which a human might easily miss, such as unidentified objects or unauthorised personnel/vehicles present in the monitored areas. Once an actual or potential violation is detected, an alert is sent to the relevant personnel for investigation. It is ideal for use in large, complex premises which are difficult for humans to monitor, such as factories, car parks, airports, malls, campuses, etc.

2. Faster incident investigation

If an incident has occurred and an investigation is needed, it can take a huge amount of time for humans to sift through hours of CCTV footage and important events can easily be missed. Again, AI can assist by speeding up the process of searching through the captured footage. It is able to quickly and accurately analyse all CCTV angles and effectively connect the dots to spot the threat or event.

3. Reduce manpower and human management

The beauty of using AI in electronic security systems is that is can be trusted to operate 24/7 with very little human oversight needed. This not only reduces the need for so much manpower, thereby cutting operating costs, it also frees up staff to perform other duties, safe in the knowledge that if anything abnormal is detected, they will receive an instant alert to investigate.

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