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5 Factors You Need To Check When Selecting A Good Anti-Wandering System

Facial Recognition Anti-wandering System | Smart Care  - Guardforce Having a reliable anti-wandering system installed is extremely important for elderly care centres to keep their residents safe. Rather than using the traditional wearable bracelets and exit alarms, an anti-wandering system is much more sophisticated using a combination CCTV and, in the most advanced systems, facial recognition to alert staff if a resident is leaving the facility unaccompanied or entering an area which may be unsafe for them. With such an essential role to play in keeping residents safe, it is vital you are choosing best system out there, rather than just looking at the price. In this post, we will look at 5 factors you need to check when selecting a good anti-wandering system in Hong Kong.

1) Service provider’s experience and track record

As with any purchase, you should check the experience and track record of the service provider you choose. There are many players in the market now providing anti-wandering solutions, but who can you trust? First, look for brands that have been in the anti-wandering and facial recognition arena for a good amount of time. This will ensure they have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best and most reliable service possible. Then, it would be prudent to look for service providers who have already installed systems at similar or other venues. Ask them about what work they have done in the past and you can even ask for a recommendation from their current customers to check they are satisfied.

2) System design

Of course with experience comes a better system design. Many companies offer an anti-wandering system which connects the software through an NVR or server which may result in a delayed processing time. This in turn will affect the speed of the real-time response and jeopardize safety. For a better response time, look for a system that connects the CCTV to a GPU-based server. As a GPU (graphics processing unit) is designed to handle images and graphics, it will give a faster response time with better accuracy and, as such, provide more safety and reliability.

3) Scalability

There is little point in choosing a system which will not fit your needs in future. To future-proof yourself, ensure you select a system which is easily scalable allowing you to adopt more CCTV cameras or integrate further devices later. Again, ask the service provider to show you evidence of how their solution is being used at various sizes of venues and how easy it is to scale up.

4) Database capacity

Recording and storing data is a major part of a facial recognition-based anti-wandering solution. Ample database capacity is therefore essential when choosing your system. A large database capacity can also be considered part of scalability because the more data you can hold, the more users the system can cater for.

5) Easy integration

The final important point to consider when choosing a good anti-wandering solution is its ability to easily integrate into your existing CCTV or video management system (VMS). It would be expensive and time-consuming to have to replace your existing equipment so ensure whatever system you choose is fully compatible with your current tech.

A good example of a firmly established anti-wandering solution provider is Guardforce Hong Kong, the first in Hong Kong to  apply facial recognition replacing the traditional wearables anti-wandering systems into elderly care centres. Around 40 elderly care centres have now using Guardforce’s trusted system to protect their residents 24/7.

As well as being deigned to integrate seamlessly with the world’s most popular VMS, Guardforce’s GPU-based solution is so powerful that up to 60 cameras can be operated through just one server. This means customers enjoy accurate on-the-move detection and recognition with no compromise on performance. The facial recognition software deployed also allows for unrivaled scalability proven by the tech being used at a variety of venue sizes – from major sports stadiums in Europe to bus terminals. It is also used by overseas enforcement authorities for various security purposes, further highlighting its reliability and accuracy.

Learn more about Guardforce Hong Kong’s Anti Wandering Solution

Guardforce is a trusted and experienced provider of facial recognition technology and anti-wandering solutions Hong Kong. Contact us today to learn more about how our reliable, cost-effective and widely-used system is head and shoulders above the rest.

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