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Innovative and attentive care to keep people in care safe from harm

The need for attentive and fail-safe elderly monitoring system for the elderly and people in care is ever growing. Guardforce takes the leadership in applying innovative elderly monitoring devices to ensure secure and non-intrusive care to enhance the quality and cost-efficiency of care services, while ensuring people in care can move around freely. The care solutions have proven effective to apply in all care facilities for people in need of attentive support.

Anti-wandering solution prevents unaccompanied exit

Guardforce is the first in Hong Kong to apply a sophisticated anti-wandering solution in elderly care facilities to monitor exits and prevent elderly residents from wandering off a facility unguarded.

The solution overlays a facial recognition function on a facility’s CCTV network for identifying and locating residents. When the system detects a resident near a CCTV-monitored exit, an alert will be sent to the central monitoring station to inform caregivers. The solution can monitor all exits, with no blind spots to support senior care.

The solution is applicable at any care facilities, be it for the physically or mentally disabled, to lower the risks of service users from wandering off unaccompanied and getting hurt, while they can still enjoy independent movement. It is a cost-effective tracking tool compared to wearable anti-wandering devices, as there will be no need for replacements and less manpower needed to keep track of service users.

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Extending functions beyond exit control

The anti-wandering system can also be adapted for tracking the attendance of staff and service users at day-care centers. The attendance data can be conveniently extracted to compile attendance reports mandated by regulatory authorities. When the attendance of certain users falls, it will be flagged for quick follow-up by caregivers.

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Award-winning solution delivers multiple benefits

More than just cost-effectiveness, care facilities staff will benefit significantly from having the all-round solution to help keep an eye on residents and feel less pressure on performing their other important care duties.

The solution has won a range of awards, including as the finalist of 7th Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards 2019 and a Certificate of Merit of the 2017 Hong Kong Awards for Industries – Innovation and Creativity.

Guardforce’s Anti-wandering solution is included in the list of services eligible for the HK$1 billion government funding for the Innovation and Technology Fund for Application in Elderly and Rehabilitation Care. As of October 2020, nearly 30 elderly homes and daycare centers have implemented the solution.

Award-winning Anti-wandering Solutions - Guardforce

Bed Exit Alarm keeps an eye on elderly

Guardforce’s wireless bed exit alarm system uses radars to detect movements. A leave bed alarm will sound when a person being monitored leaves his or her bed. The solution can help caregivers monitor residents who should be in bed. Caregivers can react instantly when residents leave their beds and provide immediate assistance to prevent residents from falling or wandering off the facility.

Fall Detection solution supports fall management

Radar technology is also used to power a solution for fall risk management. The fall detection alarm system can be applied at elderly care facilities in Hong Kong for constantly monitoring senior residents who face greater risk of falling over and hurting themselves. The fall detection alarm will ensure that when a resident takes a tumble, an alert will be sent to caregivers instantly so that the resident can be attended to immediately.

Guardforce portable brain activity sensor

Guardforce has newly launched a portable brain activity sensor. Using near-infrared technology, the device can reflect real-time brain activity levels to indicate effective brain training methods for the individual brain. Coupled with brain training games, real-time feedbacks are analyzed to adjust difficulty levels of games to enhance brain activity levels. Thereby, improving the quality of life, work, and learning, as well as preventing cognitive impairment.

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