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Vital Signs Monitoring

A disruptive technology to detect human vital signs

Falls and undetected accidents can happen and could be fatal if assistance is delayed. Falls could also be fatal and costly incurring hospitalization and medical expenses.  Prevention is ideal and maintaining constant monitoring is essential. Human vital signs including breathing rate, heart rate, pulse and movement are the keys to determine how badly a person is injured in a fall. Thanks to technology, instant detection is possible nowadays to save life with the quickest response.

Vital Signs Monitoring Sensor


Contactless vitals sensor using Impulse Radio Ultra-Wide Band Radar Technology (IR-UWB RADAR) can continuously scan a monitored space to detect if someone has taken a fall or is motionless for a long time, and begin to measure the person’s heart and breathing rates. When vital signs are irregular, alerts will be sent to caregivers to prompt immediate assistance.

The patented vitals sensor is ideal for use at hospitals or elderly care homes, as well as hotels, office buildings and public facilities such as toilets. They are best for monitoring private spaces such as rooms or bathrooms where falls are prone to occur, so that accidents will not go undetected.  For more details, please check out GF Technovation.

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Multi-tasks monitoring device to detect vital signs and bed exit

Similar to the vitals sensor, Vitals are attached to a bed and can detect small vibrations such as heart beats, breathing and body motions using Ballistocardiograph (BCG) sensing technology. The solution empowered with AI and deep-learning features collects data. It can also indicate movement level, heart stroke volume, bed status and other signs besides the basic vital signs. An alert will be sent to caregivers if an abnormal signal is detected. The system can also set reminders for caregivers to help them prioritize their tasks.

The device can automate caring tasks and enhance operational efficiency and release pressure on caregivers, making it a perfect solution for hospitals and nursing homes where there is less manpower especially at night when patients need attention.

Vitals is flexible and easy to set up with no cabling needed. It is connectable to local WiFi to support remote access. It is highly cost-effective for care facilities that need to monitor a large number of beds, such as elderly homes and hospitals. Please visit GF Technovation website for more details.

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