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Healthy living for the sunset years begins with cognitive health. The World Health Organization (WHO) statistics reporting about 50 million cases of dementia and nearly 10 million new cases being diagnosed every year is a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining cognitive health.

How? Technology can help early diagnosis of cognitive impairment and stimulate brain use, language, problem-solving and other cognitive skills.

Guardforce has curated a range of innovative proven solutions that can keep senior folks mentally active, which helps to prevent or slow the onset of dementia.

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1. ExBrain – the latest pocket brain sensor from Japan

Guardforce has introduced a cutting-edge portable brain sensor  - ExBrain from Japan for enhancing cognitive health! The device is designed by NeU Corporation and made by Hitachi High-Technology. It lays claim to be the world’s smallest and lightest brain activity sensor and training device in its class. Director of NeU Corporation, Dr Ryuta Kawashima, who is also a professor of Tohoku University, is a world-renowned brain specialist. He has invented an advanced brain activity visualisation system able to show brain activity in real-time to help users activate their brain consciously.

The portable brain trainer uses near-infrared technology to safely measure brain activity level in real-time during brain training and indicate effective brain training methods to optimise brain training for individuals. Working together with a mobile app, the device can adjust the difficulty level of brain training exercises based on the real-time brain activity data. It also provides training on a set schedule to ensure ongoing brain stimulation. This will serve to improve the quality of life, work and learning, and slow cognitive impairment for users.

ExBrain delivers the following benefits:

  • Safely measure brain activity through near-infrared technology, with no side effects on human health
  • Provide real-time brain activity data for designing effective personalised cognitive exercises
  • Entice senior users to keep using the device through fun brain games
  • Collect brain activity data for therapists to design healthcare plans

The brain sensor - ExBrain is ideal for home use or adoption at elderly care facilities to conduct stimulating brain exercises for residents.

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2. Tailored virtual tours of Hong Kong

Through VR360 virtual reality goggles, seniors are taken on tours to see and experience different areas of Hong Kong, in the comfort of their seats. Content can be tailored for every care home.

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3. OBIE Interactive Projector

Keeping senior folks physically and mentally active with fun games is a good way to maintain cognitive health. The Obie interactive projector is specially designed to let elderly folks play fun and stimulative games together, via the game interfaces projected onto any surface, be it a table top, the floor or a wall.

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