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8 Common Mistakes Made By Retail Cashiers

8 Common Mistakes Made By Retail Cashiers | Guardforce Hong Kong

The cashier’s role is critical in retail. They not only have to handle the monetary transactions, they have to do it speedily and accurately. Errors can lead to financial loss, as well as damage to customer confidence and retention. Fixing those errors can be time consuming which is especially problematic during labour shortages. Also, without proper controls, the business can be exposed to fraud and theft through purposeful mis-accounting by cashiers and back-office staff. In this blog, we will look at the 8 common mistakes made by retail cashiers.

1. Changing registers mid-shift

In an attempt to give better customer service if there is a queue, it is not uncommon to see cashiers changing registers mid-shift. However, unless there is a log out and log in for each register, this actually makes tracking cash flow difficult and even more difficult to spot where any errors (or potential thefts) have occurred so should be avoided.

2. Not running checks for counterfeit notes

In the interests of speed (or a lack of counterfeit note checking equipment), it can often be seen cashiers not running checks for counterfeit notes. As a result, the business may be defrauded and suffer financial loss. Suitable counterfeit note checking equipment should therefore be available at each point of sale.

3. Ringing up the incorrect total

Though less common now with barcode readers, older cash registers can see cashiers ring up the incorrect total, especially when busy or flustered. Cashiers should always double check how much they have rang up to avoid losses or overcharging.

4. Giving too much or not enough change

Cashiers should ensure they count change correctly (especially higher value notes), because even though there may be signs that customers should check their own change before they leave, it still negatively affects the customer experience if they have been short changed. Cashiers should make a habit of counting change back to customers to ensure agreement.

5. Counting change repeatedly

Time is money, and although we don’t want cashiers giving too much or not enough change as mentioned above, it is important to keep the process efficient so as not to waste staff and customer time. The habit of counting change back to customers ensures the counting is only needed once.

6. Incorrect refund and return transactions

As is always the case in retail, there are inevitable refunds and returns to process. Cashiers can sometimes incorrectly key in the refund amount or the value of the item(s). Again, this is down to human error and careful checking with the customer should be carried out before they leave.

7. Payment method errors

Though likely not to end in financial loss, the incorrect inputting of payment method can lead to delays and frustration for customers.

8. Using outdated cash management systems

Outdated tills can cause mistakes to be made easily by cashiers and also frequent breakdowns. Updating your equipment regularly is a good investment. Thankfully, there are now great advances in cash management for retailers such as Guardforce Hong Kong’s Smart Cash Deposit Machine.

Guardforce Smart Cash Deposit Machine is a reliable and secure means of depositing, storing and processing cash income at your own premises. It features instant multi-currency and counterfeit note recognition. Once cash is deposited, a slip is printed with a breakdown of the notes and the total, allowing staff to immediately cross-check with the shift cash register to highlight any human counting errors or other issues. All data is uploaded online in real time so management can view the cash income from anywhere, anytime.

One of the best ways to avoid cashier and back-office errors is to update the cash management system in your business by using devices such a Smart Cash Deposit Machine.

It is wireless and compact enough to fit into any size of business and incorporates high security features such as auto-sealing bags and personal log in passcodes.

See the Smart Cash Deposit Machine in action here:

Incorporating the Smart Cash Deposit Machine with Guardforce’s cash-in-transit service makes the entire cash management process smooth, secure and error-free. Learn more about both services here.

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