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Smart city solution

Hong Kong is accelerating towards becoming a smart city. Are you keeping up to take advantage of this development?

Big Data is the key to Smart City

Building a smart city involves making use of electronic data collection devices, sensors and other smart devices to gather useful data to efficiently manage assets and resources. It is vital not only for enhancing municipal services such as traffic and transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals and other community services, but also important for optimising business operational efficiency.

Security devices are important tools for smart city development. Security cameras and sensors can gain valuable data other than serving security functions. Software such as facial recognition and video analytics offer data-driven analytics tools to enhance the efficiency of facilities management. Integrating security hardware and software can serve comprehensive range security and analytics purposes. 

Facial recognition is one of the highlighted technologies

Facial recognition is increasingly leveraged for public and commercial use – the government is adopting it to speed up immigration; airlines use it in lieu of boarding passes; mobile service companies and banks use it to authenticate user identity; and retailers make use of it to process payments. 

Large facilities such as industrial buildings, shopping malls and airports are leveraging video analytics to enhance security. Shopping malls and high-end commercial buildings also adopt smart parking systems for greater efficiency and better customer experience.

As the systems are increasingly adopted, the costs for adoption is becoming more affordable. The organisations in the commercial and industrial sectors that make use of these tools are seeing improvement in operational efficiency, which ultimately helps to improve business results. The advantages of smart city development will benefit the society as a whole.

All businesses should go smart and get ready to ride on Hong Kong’s smart city development.

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