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Guardforce Smart Cleaning Solution

The cleaning industry isn’t usually a place you would find high-tech devices, but with the emergence smart cleaning technology, that’s now changing. Innovative companies such as Guardforce Hong Kong have developed smart cleaning solutions to improve hygiene standards, reduce costs and safeguard the environment.

Smart cleaning technology to help with the shortfall in cleaning manpower

It has never been easy to recruit cleaners in Hong Kong. Due to the perceived unglamorous job nature by the younger generations, many of those employed are between 60 and 80 years old.

Thankfully, this gap in manpower can now be helped with smart cleaning technology. Guardforce Hong Kong has developed a smart toilet cleaning solution which combines a smart toilet system, smart soap dispenser and smart toilet roll dispenser. Designed not only to be a hygienic cleaning solution but also a high-tech IoT connected system to save costs, improve efficiency and reduce waste, smart cleaning innovations are revolutionizing how the cleaning industry operates.

Restrooms are no longer dumb with the Guardforce Smart Toilet System

As with the Guardforce Smart Bin, devices we have always classed as forever-dumb are now becoming smart. Who would have thought that the basic items we find in restrooms could actually be smart IoT connected devices? Let’s take a closer look at the features of the Smart Toilet System and what benefits it offers.


Integrated sensors provide data on restroom cleanliness in real time

The system is equipped with integrated sensors and cellular/Wi-Fi Ethernet connectivity. Sensors remotely monitor the cleanliness of the restroom and send the data via SMS or email to cleaning staff and/or supervisors in real time.

The data can also be viewed as graphical reports via the web-based dashboard and this can be used to monitor literally hundreds of toilets if needed.

People counting and odour level monitoring

Ultra-low power passive infrared (PIR) sensors count the number of people using the restroom and sensors also measure the ammonia concentration levels (as low as 0.1 ppm). Both these readings give an indication of the current state of the toilet and alerts are sent to the relevant staff when needed.

Smart dispensing of soap and toilet roll

Soap and toilet roll are cleaning consumables. Waste costs money, but also a lack of either of these toilet essentials is frustrating for users. Smart soap dispensers and smart toilet roll dispensers supply users with the correct amount of each cleanly and efficiently.  If either is running low, an alert will be sent to the relevant staff.

Simple configuration

Each building has different restroom usage and cleaning staff available. As such, the people counting and ammonia level notices can be easily configured to the specific environment.

Easy installation and maintenance free

The system is discreet, easy to install and can almost be considered plug and play. Once fitted, it is designed to be maintenance free.


Saving costs through smart resource management

Cleaning staff, soap and toilet roll consumables all come at a cost. If cleaning staff are operating on fixed schedules, they may be making unnecessary trips to certain restrooms. On the other hand, they may also not be attending certain high-use/poor condition restrooms regularly enough.

By installing the Smart Toilet System, data and alerts on the usage/condition of restrooms are sent in real time so cleaners can visit specific toilets only when needed, instead of at fixed intervals. This method of “cleaning-on-demand” eliminates needless trips for cleaning staff and allows manpower to be optimized.

With smart soap and toilet roll dispensers, an optimal amount of both items is provided to users. They stop overflowing/excess use wastage and cleaning staff can also be notified if either is running low.

Gain additional insights

The data received from the Smart Toilet System is also presented in clear graphical reports showing usage patterns and levels on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

These reports allow building owners, facilities management and cleaning companies to plan resources ahead of time much more effectively. This will not only ensure right amount of cleaning staff and consumables are available at peak times/locations but also that there isn’t an excess of either when not needed.   

The web-based dashboard also allows management to monitor usage across multiple restrooms for even more effective planning of resources. Why have 10 cleaning staff at a location, when 8 cleaners-on-demand would be sufficient?

Better user experience

The Smart Toilet System not only benefits those responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of restrooms, it also greatly benefits users. Those visiting toilets with smart technology will enjoy a much more hygienic experience and will always have enough soap and toilet roll available to use.

Smart Toilet System – the future of restrooms

As we can see, the Smart Toilet System offers a great deal of benefits to cleaners, supervisors, building owners, facilities management, cleaning companies and also users.

Once again, Guardforce Hong Kong is pushing the boundaries of smart cleaning technology to improve efficiency, reduce waste and offer a better experience and environment for everyone.

To find out more about how the Guardforce Smart Toilet System can help you, contact us now.

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